The "off season" team shuffle

It's the annual team shake up event. For many road focused teams it is time them to shake up the team by getting new riders, dropping old and sometimes even changing the team direction (which in many reason is the reason for the shakeup).

What are your teams doing? I know the Mix 1 team is increasing their Masters focus by picking up great rider like Jimi Gibson and others.

Are other teams changing their focus to be "road only" or Cat 3 team, "female alternative to Title Nine", etc. Send us the news please!

Are you looking to join a team? The ACA has a list of all registered ACA teams but that can be a lot to shift through. Sometimes teams post request for new team members on the ACA Forum. If you are actively racing (CX)then ask around at the races, if you are not racing (off season drinking beer) then using the forums and simply emailing teams you might want to join is your best approach. Or if you have a website like I do you can announce to the world that you are looking for a team in 09.