Beautiful Fall River Road to not open in 2014 for cyclists or automobiles.

Probably many don't know of this road but it is a hidden cyclists treasure in the Rocky Mountain Park in Estes Park. The road starts in the base area of the park on the north side (see Google Map). Usually it opens near the end of June and for a week or 2 it is open to two way cyclists traffic until it opens to cars which then it become a one-way road uphill. Absolutely one of the most beautiful bike friendly routes in the park and one that any hill climber junkie should add to their bucket list. If you haven't been on it check it out hopefully in 2015.

Photo Credit: NPS

From National Parks Service website

Damages on Old Fall River Road are extensive and the road will remain closed to vehicles through 2014. Old Fall River Road is a historic dirt road built between 1913 and 1920. Due to the winding, narrow nature of the road, the scenic 9.4-mile route is one-way only and normally opens from the fourth of July to early October. It follows the steep slope of Mount Chapin's south face. It is unknown at this time whether hikers and bicyclists will be allowed on the road next year. Park staff are working with the Federal Highway Administration on assessments of the Alluvial Fan area and Old Fall River Road. Cost estimates and design concepts are still being determined.

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