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I didn't want to go to FB,

I didn't want to go to FB, but I did want to comment on the Coffee Talk. So here goes . . .

The Colorado Cross Classic was my first cross race ever and prior to that I think I only raced three times about twelve years ago. I didn't get a cross bike until recently and missed all the clinics. So I have no frigging idea about bike racing in general and cross racing in particular. But I can tell you about my experiences this weekend: I had a great fekking time.

I can't start. I can't corner. I can't bunny-hop. I smacked my bike on the barriers. And I went over the handlebars on the last lap. It was all good. I had a great time.

Format wise, the only impact on my race (SM 45 +4) came from catching the back of the group that started two minutes prior. Being a complete newb my passing sux so I was often riding within my threshold because I didn't have the skills to get around guys. I was really happy when I did get some clear track. But I am not complaining about that; it just showed me one more thing that I have to work on (passing). After watching Jeremy Powers move from 60th to the front, it's pretty clear that my inability to get around guys had nothing to do with the course, the format, or anything else. Just my lack of skills.

So what about the negatives? Well, 'Anonymous' did a lot of beyatching in the comments leading up to the race. Since I didn't know what to expect, I felt there was a chance that I would get lapped and pulled. I momentarily fell for his "you're wasting your money" meme but that plane got shot down as soon as Boups disclosed he was a volunteer and that proceeds went to a development team. At that point it was simply, "Please take my money", and I think any bitching that happened after that disclosure was especially uncool. There was no good reason for that.

So there you have it. Complete newb was awestruck by how incredible it was to have two first-class, well-run cyclocross events in the hometown on the same weekend, and deeply appreciates the volunteer work that was required. It says a lot when the only negatives I encountered were at the hand of some axe-grinder sawing away as 'anonymous' in the comment sections leading up to the race. So thank you to Boups and everyone else that put on a great show. I appreciated it a great deal. And I sincerely hope that 'anonymous' takes a trip to Camp Kwitcherbitchin; either that or he gets lapped and pulled on the second lap in his next race.

Happy to be part of this.

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