f/STOPS Opening Huge Success

The show took place at Indy Ink in Denver - a super cool shop that designs and prints their own t-shirts. Last Friday night it was transformed into a gallery opening (as is the case most First Fridays) and race headquarters for the start and finish of an alleycat.

The f/STOPS show was curated by Broox Pulford. The show featured a variety of photos dedicated to the image of the bicycle, from a picture of Lance Armstrong mountain biking to an artful black and white developed on real film. The 20 plus artists and the alleycat drew quite a crowd that ebbed and flowed throughout the evening.

With the show off and running, Broox "shifted gears” to the other event of the evening - the alleycat race. With 20 participants and three check points (Track Shack , Crema Coffee House , Washington Park Tennis Court) we were impressed with how smoothly the race went off. We saw the top four finishers come in and they were spent.

Lenny Maiorani - alleycat
Photo Credit: Lenny Maiorani

The show will run through the end of March. So, if you missed it go check it out. We'll keep you posted on future alleycats.

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