Attack a fallen rider?

Interesting post by Tim Faia. Apparently the winner of Sunday's race took advantage of a mishap that Tim had. Tim is questioning the ethic's of that move and "Jeff" says he would have done the same..

"To beat Tim Faia in a 35+ Open race, I would also have attacked when you fell. Call it poor sportsmanship, call it what you want....but some people have very very few chances to beat you in a cross race. Most people would prob have done the same thing. I am just wanting to finish a race one day with you in sight, let alone being in front of you!"

If I were lucky enough to be strong enough to be considered a competitor by Tim then I probably would have not attacked. I did attack when Mr. 17th place went down... was that wrong?

Hmmm, what do you think?

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Attack a Fallen Rider?

Of course you attack. You think in a professional UCI cyclocross race they are going to wait for someone that has made a mistake? Hell No. I am not sure they are going to attack but they sure as heck are not going to let up. This is racing and the let the best "man" win.

The pro's do it

From CX Magazine on Cross Vegas....

"he hot and dry course through thick grass favored a powerful rider, and Compton quickly distanced herself from the field, with only two Luna riders in tow: Katerina Nash and Georgia Gould. Gould crashed after tripping on a barrier on the third lap, and Compton gassed it, permanently dropping the Luna-sponsored American."


This sounds like a great idea. If you look at the Mens 35+ open cyclocross results from last year there are usually 5 guys that dominate every race. i know its fun to win races but come on.


Absolutely attack. Cross by its nature has a technical component. If a fellow rider is slower through particularly tough sections, you are not obligated to wait. A mishap often happens when the course gets the better of the rider. I view this as not being technically sound at a specific moment and fellow riders need to take advantage of it.