Erie Velodrome hit by Storm

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"This is clearly going to be a setback," said Frank Banta, president of Boulder-based Boneshaker LLC. "Before this damage hit, the track was 80 percent complete -- now it's about 60 percent complete."

He said the destruction could delay the velodrome's debut -- it will be only the second such facility in Colorado -- by two months or more, pushing most of the opening team racing activity from the autumn to the spring of 2014. Before the storm, the Boulder Valley Velodrome was scheduled to open in late summer.

Photo Credit: Lisa Fannin and Manny Puentes

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"Never knew what they were doing in the first place?" Kind of harsh. I've seen nothing but solid progress since the first concept hit the table. Velodromes aren't cookie cutter projects, and they aren't cheap, but your comment is.