Why do you commute by bike?

Photo Credit: Bike Portland
No, you are not a slave to gas!

Thanks to all those who have been participating in our recent contest on our Facebook page. The winner will win a pair of new cool PC2 Ergon Commuter Pedal. It's not too late for you to win, to participate, go to our Facebook page and tell us why you commute by bike. Contest ends July 31st. Below are some great reasons sent in already.

From Dana Hougland
I commute because when I am jumping curbs, racing cars and practicing track stands I feel 15 and not 55. Responsiblity lurks at either end, but for an hour I can be totally free.

From Ryan Elliot Moffat
I commute by bike simply because it saves me money, makes me happy and healthy, and I enjoy the look on peoples faces when they are stuck in traffic and I breeze by car(e)free.

From Mike Kauspedas
I commute because I can honestly get back home faster by bike than driving, so it's not just for the morning wake up ride. And its fun, keeps the weight off, good time for training, makes me feel good, and a myriad of other benefits I'm surely forgetting.

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