Mountain Bike Thursday - Intro into Enduro Mountain Bike Racing

Mountain Bike Radio Talks with Jeremy and Heather about what new format of Mountain Bike racing called Enduro. According to Wikipedia they have this to say about Enduro

Enduro (ND) is a relatively new format which appears to have taken some inspiration from both car rally and motorbike enduro racing. Mountain bike enduro is essentially the competitive side of the mountain biking format often referred to today as "All-Mountain". It is a stage-race format where the winner is the rider who accumulates the lowest combined time from the various timed sections. Mountain bike enduro competitions typically take place over the course of 1 or 2 days, however, week-long enduro competitions do also exist. A typical one-day enduro race consists of 3 to 5 timed "special" stages which take place on technically demanding, generally descending terrain. These special stages are linked by predominantly ascending "liaison" stages. Although a rider's specific performance on the physically demanding liaison stages does not affect his or her result, the liaisons are often associated with a time-cut off (i.e. a latest permitted arrival at the summit of the next special stage). The sport has taken root in mostly in the Northwest of United States, a location known for its miles of winding single-track trails alongside old growth forest and bubbling creeks. Northwest Epic Series is the most famous series in Washington state that offers race distances ranging from 30 miles all the way to 100 miles.

Summary from Mountain Bike Radio (Colorado Based)

Into Enduro," hosted by Macky Franklin is dedicated to all things Enduro. Macky will be discussing the who, what, why and how of Enduro mountain biking as well as equipment choice, what races to attend, training for Enduros and why you'll love it.

Macky hails from Taos, NM where he spent his teenage years riding into the mountains and ricocheting down loose rocky trails wearing only spandex for protection. At eighteen he won Semi-Pro Short Track National Championships and shortly afterwards got his Pro upgrade . For the next couple of years he tried to balance racing and attending Middlebury College in Vermont and graduated in 2011 with Departmental Honors in Computer Science.

In the last couple of years, Macky has become more involved in Super D and Enduro while continuing to pursue his dream of representing the USA at the 2016 Olympics in Cross Country (XCO). In 2012, he finished 4th at Downieville All-Mountain World Championships, 3rd at Super D National Championships, 2nd at Single Speed World Championships and won the inaugural Single Speed Stage Race World Championships. In 2013, he plans to race a full Cross Country and Enduro schedule including stops at numerous World Cups, the majority of the Big Mountain Enduro and Pro XCT series, multiple World Championships and at least one of the Enduro World Series races.

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