Mountain Bike Radio Focus on Endurance Nutrition

The excerpt is from the first episode of the new Apex Nutrition Podcast on Mountain Bike Radio. Kelli Jennings is a Registered Dietitian in Golden, Colorado, who helps endurance athletes fuel their bodies during training and competition. Kelli offers nutrition plans, consulting, and coaching services to various levels of athletes. As an experienced endurance athlete, she can bring a practical approach to you.

Mountain Bike Radio and Kelli have teamed up to bring you a regular Apex Nutrition Podcast. Kelli discusses a variety of topics and is always open to questions. In this first episode, she discusses fueling techniques for training and racing. If you've ever wondered what and when to eat and drink on the bike, you should listen now!

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There's a lot of crap out there to avoid

My performance has vastly improved since changing my diet to non-GMO, non-processed, whole foods. I'm amazed at the crappy "sports nutrition" stuff you see on the shelves these days. 99% of them have ingredients that I cannot pronounce, let alone trust to put into my body! If you look hard enough, you can find non-GMO/organic foods (bars and gels) and drink mixes to eat while riding as well as non-GMO protein powders for recovery.