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Mens 35 Open

I went down to Denver and caught a good portion of the Mens 35 Open race. The field was kinda small. There were probably about 30 men racing. I was not prepared for how cold it was and left before the finish of the race. Will post some pictures soon.

Women's Open Race

Despite threats of snow and the ACA TT up north, a strong field showed up for the Womens Open race. Pro riders Amanda Miller (Lip Smackers), Amy Dombroski (Webcor), Kori Seehafer (Team Type 1), and Sharon Allpress (Value-Act Capital) mixed in the field of amateur riders. After a fast-paced set of opening laps, a group of eight riders formed at the front. Miller, Seehafer, and Beth Fisk (Vitamin Cottage) split from that group, while Allpress, Dombroski, Renee Eastman (Vitamin Cottage), Kate Ross (Lip Smackers) and Kate Scheider (ColoBikeLaw.com) chased. After a while, Fisk dropped back to the second group containing her teammate Eastman, Ross, and Scheider. Seehafer and Miller held off the chase group, with Miller taking the win despite catching a pedal in the final corner. Eastman won the sprint for third, with Fisk, Scheider, and Ross following her.

Props to the Denver University race marshals for chasing geese away from the course and the BSNYC reference chalking after turn 1.

i hit the expansion joint

i hit the expansion joint crack on the 2nd roundabout and went down hard breaking my collarbone in 3 places. i might have been better able to spot the crack on the concrete surface had it been properly marked out in a VISIBLE way not with the white chalk that was used. i heard there were 3-4 other crashes that day, honestly people at DU cycling, please reconsider this course...i almost hit the jackass photog that was leaning well into the 60 degree turn after the first roundabout and those roundabouts just are not safe. im looking at a couple grand in medical expenses bc u DID NOT properly mark out the potential hazards on the course. WHITE chalk on WHITE concrete roadway does not cut it, that just doesnt work!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Man, way sorry to hear about

Man, way sorry to hear about he collarbone!! I broke mine twice in my life and I'm currently recovering from a broken foot. Breaking it right at the beginning of the season is no fun. From all of us at 303cycling, get well soon!

Racing without Insurance??? WOW!!!

Racing without Health Insurance???

USAC has secondary insurance at races.
Must submit a claim and pay your bills. I think the deductable is in the $5K range. Won't get paid back till later in the year.

All Racers should have Health Insurance!!!
If you can't afford Health Insurance,

USAC has a group plan...

USA Cycling Member Health Plans

USA Cycling Members can now get comprehensive health insurance coverage with up to $8 million in benefits and multiple year rate guarantees. Plans provide a healthy member discount and include Health Savings Accounts, PPO Network, Co-pay plans, Short Term Health and Student Health Insurance. For information call 1-866-200-2135 or visit www.usacyclinghealthplans.com.

Free Rx Discount Card for all USA Cycling Members. By simply being a member of USA Cycling, you are eligible for a free Rx Discount Card which provides savings of up to 75% on all FDA approved drugs at 57,000 pharmacies nationwide. Average savings are 42% on all prescriptions with unlimited use. Plus, family members are also eligible to participate at no cost! To order your free card and begin receiving immediate savings, please call USA Cycling’s Health Benefits Program at: 1-800-211-9002

so apparently u can get

so apparently u can get whats called ciccp insurance, which is basically insurance for people that cant afford insurance. so take that insurance man! still doesnt change the fact the the idiot responsible for not visibly marking out the road obstacles with white chalk, please don tell me u were trying to be eco-friendly u idiot, could have saved the racers from the numerous crashes i heard about in addition to mine. btw idiot did u know they make spray paint thats water soluble so it washes away after rains and u can actually see the obstacles that are marked.

Sorry to hear about your

Sorry to hear about your crash - make sure you get in touch with USAC soon to start the process of claims. Most of these insurance deals have a limited time frame to submit claims.

I gotta say though that this is one of my favourite courses - however I do stay inside for every corner and watched/ heard a number of people sliding out in that far roundabout. And that seam catches folks every time.

Doesn't USA Cycling have good insurance?

I remember reading in some online magazine about how the new CEO was bragging about how the insurance plan that USA Cycling has is WAYYYY better than "other" associations. So won't USA Cycling cover at least some of the cost since it was a USA Cycling event?

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