Denver Police will be cracking down on BUI's

According to a letter from the Denver Police Chief, Denver Police will be more aware of BUI as an enforceable offense.

It is now the policy of the Denver Police Department to take appropriate enforcement action regarding bicyclists who are suspected to be operating under the influence of alcohol, drugs, or a combination of alcohol and drugs in accordance with Colorado Revised Statutes. The policy is as follows:

Operators of bicycles may be charged with DUI, DWAI or DUID after conferring with the DUI Unit or TIU under the provisions of C.R.S. ยง42-4-1301. Bicycle operators are required to obey all traffic laws as they apply to motor vehicle operators and may be contacted as a result of a traffic law violation. Officers will ask the operator to perform voluntary roadsides if indicators of intoxication are present. Officers must articulate probable cause to arrest the operator of the bicycle for DUI, DWAI or DUID in the same manner as they would for the driver of a motor vehicle. The bicycle operator will be offered a blood test or a breath test.

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