Denver drivers Parking in Bike Lanes

Photo Credit: Denver Public Works

"I don't pee in your pool so don't park in my lane" - by some famous person

From the Denver Post

Denver's Public Works department on Thursday said since the bike-only lane opened it has been clogged with weekend visitors and by delivery trucks making stops during the week.

Motorized vehicles are only allowed in the bike lane to make left turns or to enter a driveway. In all cases, bicyclists have the right-of-way.

"We've been getting pictures sent to us," Denver Police spokesman Sonny Jackson said. "Cyclists are frustrated."

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The red lane with white

The red lane with white stripe on either side looks way too much like a bike lane, and has to be adding some confusion. Presumably it is a protection zone; it should should have diagonal stripes or similar. Props to Denver for more bike lanes.

Trucks still in the bike lane?

Is there a good way to try to get the city to get the delivery trucks out of the bike lane? I've called the non-emergency police a number of times to report trucks (especially Fedex) parked in the bike lane with the driver nowhere to be found, but it doesn't seem to be doing anything. I even called Fedex to complain, no change.

Just wondering if there is a better way, like tweet the Denver PD or an online submission? its been what, 7 months and there is still no enforcement that i can see.