New Downhill trail on Flagstaff threatens West TSA's decision

A newly discovered DH trail on Flagstaff comes at a most sensitive time with Mountain Bikers given that this week the Boulder officials will decide the fate of the West TSA access. Here is what was mentioned on Facebook today from BMA

Just in time for council to decide on bike access in the WTSA, an illegal DH trail is discovered on the back side of Flagstaff Mountain! Keep your eyes on the local paper tomorrow or Wednesday. BMA does not condone breaking the rules. But the total ban on bikes in the WTSA does not help this situation either.

Update Interesting spin if you read the comments, here is one

Makes you wonder:

- Cyclist caught and ticketed on illegal trail March 19, 2011
- Publicly released as front page news in the Camera on March 28, 2011, two days before West TSA decision.

I suspect that any other time this story would barely merit a mention in the paper.

More can be found on the Daily Camera

News Item: 



I've been riding Boulder County trails since the late 80s, and although I lament the dearth of ridable trails near Boulder, those ironic f*cks that call themselves freedom riders are c*nts. They think they know best about land management in Boulder and will do what they want regardless of a common interest or sentiment within the rest of the community. Apply that attitude to hunting, off-road vehicles, building fires, etc and it's easy to see what duchebags these kids are. If I knew where they lived, I'd take a dump on their front porches.

I am not mentioning any

I am not mentioning any names, but there was a time when I have been on plenty of illegal trails with people who work at places like IMBA in high positions, or own highly regarded biek shops in Boulder. Mind you this was 10 years ago and I have never returned to those trails, but as the other poster said, be carful, we might not like the names that come out.

Moral compass?

How do people get through life not understanding that there's something inherently wrong with what you're doing if you have to sneak around under the cover of darkness to do it? I'm sure someone will respond with some sort of 'ends justifies the means' rationalization for their actions, but I'll tell you up front I'm not buying it.


This was a disaster. And one must suspect it was planned. Read on.

1) Riding off-piste in this location is flagrantly illegal, should be illegal, and the majority of cyclists strongly support shutting down crap like this immediately.

2) Ironically, it's not that big of deal because there is no way an illegal trail can exist in such a prominent location; culprits will be caught and any trail will be closed, all rather quickly and easily.

The real story is:

3) Rangers close illegal trails all the time; it's their job. But it isn't their job to call the newspaper, bring a cameraman up there, and have the story splash exactly two days before City Council is set to vote on the highly controversial Bikes in the WTSA proposal, which still is hanging by a thread.

4) The OSMP Dept is highly politicized, and will fight for their own agenda in hidden and insidious ways. So better know who you're dealing with. Because whatever moron created this trail tossed them a real softball, and they hit it out of the park, leaving the rest of the team scrambling to clean up the fiasco.