New Downhill trail on Flagstaff threatens West TSA's decision

A newly discovered DH trail on Flagstaff comes at a most sensitive time with Mountain Bikers given that this week the Boulder officials will decide the fate of the West TSA access. Here is what was mentioned on Facebook today from BMA

Just in time for council to decide on bike access in the WTSA, an illegal DH trail is discovered on the back side of Flagstaff Mountain! Keep your eyes on the local paper tomorrow or Wednesday. BMA does not condone breaking the rules. But the total ban on bikes in the WTSA does not help this situation either.

Update Interesting spin if you read the comments, here is one

Makes you wonder:

- Cyclist caught and ticketed on illegal trail March 19, 2011
- Publicly released as front page news in the Camera on March 28, 2011, two days before West TSA decision.

I suspect that any other time this story would barely merit a mention in the paper.

More can be found on the Daily Camera

News Item: 


"Pro" Rider?

Turns out this guy has been caught doing the exact same thing before. During an official field trip, with OSMP Staff, Board of Trustees, and two Rangers standing there, this guy came busting out of the woods, free riding an area limited even to hikers.

He's like a one-man wrecking crew; the poster child for those who would ban bicycles.

He needs to be taken out behind the woodshed.

Mike should be held to a higher standard

Mike West is a prominent member of the Boulder cycling community. His friends are a whose-who of bike shop owners, race promoters and advocates for cycling. Mike was front-and-center as the BMA President made his TSA speech at this year's banquet. Mike knows better. When you step out your front door and jump on your bike, you represent our community. Mike represents our community as well as the industry. Mike should be held to a higher standard. The timing sucks. I hear Mike is a good guy. But at the end of the day, I stop at red lights and ride far right because I know my actions affect everyone else advocating for bikes. I deeply hope Mike offers an open apology to the Boulder mountain bike community and does some very public community service to help repair the damage he's done, to the trail and to the community.


Well said. Except Mr West doesn't need to be held to a higher standard; just the regular one would work just fine! He apparently felt no standards applied to him.

To come clean, offer a full apology, and volunteer to do trail work would definitely be the Professional course of action.

This has happened in climbing numerous times. Dean Potter - one of the very best - once poached Delicate Arch. The Park Service came down heavy, considered closing the Park to climbing altogether. Patagonia dropped him like a rock.

An Editor of Climbing Magazine once built a bonfire on top of a rock formation and pushed it off just to watch the show. The Park Service was not amused. Neither were fellow climbers - he was ridiculed. He published a full apology, owning up to juvenile behavior, and acknowledging his actions harmed the sport. He is respected.

This is an opportunity for an individual to step up, grow up; for the good of his sport, his sponsor, and most of all, for himself.

Mike West - Trail Builder?

I understand that Mike West should be punished for riding this illegal trail but I think Open Space should be looking for the trail builder. Some hours had to be put in to building this trail. I see that Open Space is making an example of Mike but come on. Who would you rather have the kid shooting up or the drug dealer selling the stuff to all the kids?