Dopers Suck, Did Tejay Win & Danielson's Guilt

Will Dopers Suck sale out today?

Surprised anyone? What piece of information impacts you the most? Will the spot light move now to Amateur cycling and finish what matters to you most or is the whole discussion going to move on and end.

Next up, does that mean Tejay won this years USA Pro Challenge?

Lastly, words from local star, Tom Danielson on his drug use, from the Daily Camera

"Along the road to following my dream, I've had several ups and downs, but I stuck with it because I love the sport," Danielson said in the statement. "I never set out thinking I would cross a line. I set out simply wanting to compete, to race my bike and do what I love. And that is exactly what I did, clean.

"Then, after years of doing things the right way, I was presented with a choice that to me did not feel like a choice at all. In the environment that I was in, it felt like something I had to do in order to continue following my dream. I crossed the line and that is something I will always be sorry for. I accept responsibility for my choices and apologize to everyone in my life for them — in and out of the sport."

Read Tom's complete Affidavit

News Item: 


new team proposal

How about this....we start a front range amateur/masters road team with the same commitment to clean racing as Garmin/Highroad did, design Alchemist kits, use Boulder Cycle Sport as our shop, create an appropriate mission statement and call it Team 303cycling/Dopers Suck.
This would demonstrate grassroots, positive support for the prevailing attitude of people calling for a clean sport at all levels. As the earlier LW wrote, it is time to move on, so let's get behind promoting a clean sport comcept.