What is more important to YOU, Lance was doping or someone in YOUR peloton is?

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So Lance was caught?

It would be sad to learn Lance, who made gazillions in profits from his racing/advertising career, was a fraud like so many others. It'd be sadder to me than the Boulder leg-shaving-white-rimmed-glasses-wearing-lycra-clad-peter-pans doing dope to keep up with their buddies.

But Lance hasn't been caught and thus I feel I owe him the benefit of the doubt, particularly in light of two things:
1) 500+ tests, 20+ years of negative tests.
2) His accusers generally stand to make some good $ by throwing him under the bus now that their doping careers are a bust.

...And I am grateful you

...And I am grateful you started 303cycling! It's one of my favorite feeds. Since I have little at stake when I race my mountain bike, I really don't care if the dude in compression socks ahead of me is taking EPO. It's when that dude is making $$$ and helping determine public policy that I'd get annoyed by his cheating.

Like the tests mean something?

Lance is in a bad place for a lot of reasons, but one of them is cannot prove his innocents. All he says is I passeed over 500 tests. Does that hold water any more? Does Lance just laugh his ass off as he tweets that? I passed their dumb tests, ha, ha, ha.

Hello man, jesus look at Floyd and Tyler, how many 100's of tests did they pass too? So Lance is 500 and 0 (well at least technically) and Floyd and Tyler are like 200 and 1?

What else shall I go by?

I know little about the accuracy of the drug tests beyond the following:
1) They are used by the racing agencies/authorities to determine who is doping.
2) They were accurate enough to catch Tyler and and Floyd among others.

Beyond those tests, shall we use the testimony of known liars to convict Lance?

I think not.

We go with the best evidence we have. It seems that today's testing technology has been used on samples from Lance that were taken years ago, yet still they show up negative. Innocent until proven guilty, I say.

Indictment on drug testing if true.

As stated above, Lance can no longer prove he didn't dope so we only have the USADA investigation. That is an indictment first and foremost on WADA, USADA, and the doping control program since Festina. If the tests are so easy to beat then you have to say all the tests are meaningless. In which no one can prove they are clean, so the results need to be left as is. I think a better pushinment at this late date is to fine Lance and others, and lifetime bans from any future involvement in sports. I have long thought that the drug companies should put innert markers in their PEDs to assist the drug testing. Yes and the drug testers need to get better, otherwise it is a complete waste. As for the guys that line up on the weekends. My life does not revolve around my results. So while it would suck if some of the guys in my group beat me because of drugs, I know most beat me because they train better, handle better or happen to have a little bit better luck.

Man you guys need to settle

Man you guys need to settle down, it is Friday, have fun. I never said Lance was guilty, I assume you can read what I wrote, right? I 100% agree with you, you are innocent until proven guilty (unless you are in France). I would go a step further and say that so far no one has come close to producing a smoking gun, including Tyler.

All I was talking about was the defense of saying "hey I passed all the tests so I am clean" (which was mentioned by the guy I responded to). My point, as apparently you guys cannot handle much independent thought, is giving how many tests Floyd, Tyler, and lots of other dopers have "passed", I think there is zero credibility in Lance still using that as a “fact”. That is all, it does not make him a doper, I just think it is useless statement these days.

What is the point of this

What is the point of this poll? It is a false choice. I hate both situations. Obviously, racerX is a bigger issue for me personally, as I would be competing against them. But you cannot disassociate the culture of doping in the pro ranks from the amateur ranks. They are intertwined, as if accepted or ignored at the Pro levels, it makes all the more easy for RacerX to justify it in the amateur ranks.

All a farce

Until there is a real effort to clean up sports in the U.S., this whole investigation is a farce regardless of guilt. I say "Show me the money" and clean up pro football, hockey, baseball, basketball... Cities often subsidies sports arenas for pro teams (at the tax payers expense and often at the expense of public education, Chicago as an example), imagine the potential fraudulent criminal activity.

The whole Lance issue is a waste of tax payer money, it does nothing for the interest of the American tax payer, zilch. He may have doped, but the data shows he didn't. Floyd Landis should be under criminal charges for fraud just based off his innocence defense in which he took donations to fight for his plea, then admits guilt millions of dollars later.

Farce, farce, farce....

As for my peloton (or trail as it would be) at the amateur level, if there is no big money involved (which is rare), I don't care so much. Please don't waste my money on testing everyone. LIFE is full of cheats, I don't want to get hung up on how other people live their life.

Who did what

I apologize for not joining the fray, but I am uninterested in the continuing debate of Did he or Didn't he?

Besides that it is impossible to prove or disprove past events, I do not see how this effects me, and do not see how it effects anyone actually, with the notable exception of the bike media, which has a heavy monetary stake in continued controversy. 20 years from now, anytime ad sales are sagging, some bright publisher will say, "Hey, I've got it: Lance! Let's publish an exposé (or defense) of Lance!"

[removed by admin]

Now here is an interesting comment finally.

[removed] trained a lot this winter, joined the map my ride team to race pro12, was listed on their web site, and went down to valley of the sun to race. Rumor is USADA paid him a visit down there, which is pretty interesting if true. Guy has not raced a single event since VOS, did not show for races he pre reg for, and all mention of him has been removed from his team's web site.

So yes, what exactly is going on with [removed]? Super nice guy, but it is strange there is no info on this.

Kris, It is your right to


It is your right to remove the rider's name that was brought up here, who raced for Skins last year, then map my ride this year. How about you guys call the rider and do an interview with him? See what he says? Or call USADA? Or call Joe Papp?

It would be cool if you could do a story on this.


From the USADA website

The United States Anti-Doping Agency established 1-877-Play Clean (1-877-752-9253) as a direct telephone link for individuals who are concerned about fair competition. When appropriate, USADA will act based on information that can contribute to its mission of eliminating doping in sport. Callers can remain anonymous.

It does matter

To me it isn't about Lance or number 149 next to me at the start line. I have raced against convicted dopers and racers that have straight up told me later that they were using steroids, EPO, etc. It didn't change how I thought of them as a friend or not, but it did suck that the races, results, and spirit of racing was ruined in those races.

It does matter if cyclist and athletes at any level are doping. As a society we have to consider the implications of cheating becoming so common place that we forget it is cheating. This has already sort of happened with banking, investment, major corporations and most sports. I guarantee there is just as much doping in soccer, football, etc. Maybe you don't care because it doesn't affect your top 5 result in a Cat 3 race. But if you have children or care at all about our societies values, then you should care about cheating. I know several college football players that chose to not go to the pros solely because they refused to dope and it was a preconcieved notion that they would have to in order to compete. Is that the choice you want for your children? Become a cheater or don't succeed? I don't want to hear the BS about how everyone cheats. It simply isn't true. Does it matter if people cheat in sports? Doesn't it make it more exciting if a player hits 70 home runs instead of 35? I personally don't care about 70 home runs if it is due to steroid use. The point of sports is that it is a competition of talen, effort, and luck. If it becomes a competition of who has the best doctor/drugs then I certainly don't think the athlete should get the award. We can start awarding doctors for the best doping programs.

It is a shame that people have become so worn down by the constant barage of doping issues that we don't care any more.