Does Boulder Need a BRA (Boulder Road cyclist Association)?

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Problems with road access

A group like this would be great but why? Do road cyclists have access issues? Its not like Lefthand Canyon is off limits to road cyclists or that Boulder County is planning to build a new canyon road that only cars can drive on.

I understand there are issues with road cyclists and cars but to me MOST of these issues are brought on by the cyclist.

not yet

I see no access issues....YET. It's all good until a small and vocal minority get serious and make an argument for a total bike ban on canyon roads, citing inevitable confict and impending danger. Seems so silly and impossible...until it happens.

At the very least a BRA may be able to smooth over relations between organized rides and opposing home owners. We may have full access to riding by ourselves or in small groups up Lefthand, but organized rides get tremendous resistance from people who don't want us congesting "their" roads.

There are no access issues but...

Legally there are very few "access" issues in Colorado... Hwy 6 and Black Hawk are the ones I can think of near by but take Lefthand canyon again as an example, I don't have real numbers but I think it is fair to say that number of riders on that road has at LEAST DOUBLED since they added a bike shoulder. Without safe routes to ride on for many the roads are off limits. We are so lucky to have County officials who are so supportive of cyclist but what if that changed and no more shoulders were planned. What if Flagstaff road banned cyclist due to safety. Remember how bad it was to ride on 63rd street north before they made it wider? Maybe someday BRA could push to get a bike shoulder on hwy 36 to Estes Park

Take for example the most commented article we post in 2010, Chip Seal on Hwy 36 Maybe an organization like BRA can work with County and State (it was the state that did this) to prevent this from happening.

It is true that many cyclist bring some of the problems upon themselves and that goes for mountain bikers as well and part of what BMA does is to educate and enforce rider behaviors, the same can be applied to road cyclist.

Also someone mentioned in the comments about cycling events. The county is under pressure to limit it and if they wanted to they could really put the breaks on all kinds of great cycling events in this area.

I firmly believe that the Boulder area needs this

Need for BRA

I won't say one way or another right now. However, I'll throw this out for discussion. It seems that as we cyclists fight for our "rights", the stronger the opposition (auto drivers, trucker unions, cities) fight against us. As an example, Black Hawk bans cyclists from riding through their town shortly after cyclists get the "3 feet to pass" law. Their reasoning is that the road isn't wide enough to pass, let alone 3 additional feet. It was certainly an excuse, but one we gave them on a platter. Really, we already have a right to ride on the roads, as long as we do it lawfully and respectfully. Most of our problems are self imposed.

I love the thinly veiled

I love the thinly veiled condescension... plain ol' cyclists like you ('I don't race or participate in group rides') are so smugly smart, but those who race or participate in group rides, the 'gung-ho supporters', they can't possibly be unified or intelligent??? What makes you think that the BRA, should it come to be, will be any more unified, or intelligent, than the folks supporting cycling in Boulder now?

Look deeper

Look beyond the surface of the words of the post, they are making a point that as a unit we have more power focusing outward and more communication inward to other cyclist. I'm sure if there wasn't a BMA there would have been some cyclist at the last council meeting but not the tons that were there because of BMA.

And further reason why we might need a BRA, maybe some folks are right, most if not all problems facing road cyclist are self inflicted so shouldn't we get together as a unit to promote better, kinder cycling... at least from a PR point of view there can be some public face that say's "No cycling 5 abreast is wrong" when the paper or others bash road cyclist. And this same body can help promote safer/friendlier cycling by say working with communities to build bonds by doing...
- trash pick up on canyons
- volunteering at community events in canyon (4th of July at Jamestown)
- donation of $$ to communities in canyons.