Coffee Talk Tuesday - Are we trying to be like the Dutch?

While reading comments on blogs or casual conversation with fellow cyclists I sometimes wonder if we have some sort of love affair with the Dutch due to their cycling lifestyle. No doubt the Dutch do embrace the bike much more in the general public than we do but I would not like Colorado get turned into a typical Dutch city. The video below holds some good comments about the observation of cycling in the US but there is also plenty I would disagree with, most importantly the negative expression of active cyclists with their spandex and helmets. I would agree that some "Joe the Plumber" types when they think of cycling they think of DUI's or bike racers and many "Joe" types don't want to fall into either category but IMO that is just a cheap shoot at blaming the recreational cyclists. Personally Coloradoan citizens could do a much better job at using the bike as a tool of transportation than we do but I would not want to do that at the expense of cycling as a sport or recreation. What do you think?

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