Do it yourself panniers class from community cycles of Boulder

If panniers are too expensive or ghetto is your preferred route since the likely hood of getting stolen drops way down then check out the Community Cycles do it yourself panniers class this March 26th

From Community Cycles

Need new panniers but can’t spare the cash? Tired of getting a racing stripe up your back after riding wet roads? Want to try out bike commuting without a big cash outlay? This workshop is for you.

Even if you can’t remember “righty-tighty, lefty-loosie”, we’ll walk through the steps together to create bucket panniers of our very own. These panniers made from kitty litter buckets are waterproof and virtually indestructible, and even double as camp chairs! They can be made to easily attach and detach to your bike rack, or be fixed to the rack for more security.

If you'd rather have a backpack pannier, bring a backpack. We'll add a hook and bungee system to allow you to hook your trusty pack to your bike, then comfortably take it with you when you reach your destination.

Materials fee: $15 for one bucket pannier or $10 for one backpack conversion.

This workshop is being led by Ann Haebig

Reserve a spot in the DIY Panniers and Fenders workshop.
Saturday March 26, 10a.m.
2805 Wilderness Pl Ste 1000
Boulder, CO 80301