• Courage Classic Sets a New Fundraising Record

    The 25th annual bicycling tour for Children’s Hospital Colorado raises $2.9 million

    AURORA, CO, September 10, 2014 – The 2014 Courage Classic, presented by Prologis, raised $2.9 million for Children’s Hospital Colorado, the highest total in the event’s history. More than 2,000 cyclists participated in the annual bicycling tour, which started and ended at Copper Mountain resort and included some of the most challenging and scenic passes in the Rocky Mountains. The three-day event ended on July 21, but riders continued their fundraising efforts through the August 31 deadline to raise $2.9 million, a record-breaking total.

    For this year’s 25th Courage Classic, riders were challenged to increase their fundraising by 25 percent over their previous year’s total. “Wheels of Justice” was the top fundraising team for the 4th consecutive year, raising more than $365,000. The 271-person team has been riding since 2005 and has raised a cumulative total of over $2 million. The top individual fundraiser was Bryan Warnecke, a 15-year-old Children’s Colorado patient who has cystic fibrosis. Despite having a disabling disease that requires 50 pills and two respiratory treatments per day, Warnecke rode more than 1,000 miles throughout Colorado for 40 days leading up to the event, raising an impressive $258,180 for Children’s Colorado.

    “I ride because I love Children's Colorado and all that the incredible cystic fibrosis staff does to keep me healthy, active and pursuing my dreams,” said Warnecke, who has aspirations of being the first person with cystic fibrosis to compete in the Olympics on the USA hockey team.

    Including this year’s funds, the Courage Classic has raised a cumulative event total of $35.7 million. These critical funds support Children’s Colorado’s ongoing mission of improving the health of children through coordinated programs of patient care, education, research and advocacy. As the region’s only comprehensive nonprofit children’s hospital, the organization depends on the philanthropic support of the community – through fundraising events such as the Courage Classic – to continue its quality care.

    “We are so grateful to everyone involved for helping to set a new fundraising record,” said Children’s Colorado Foundation Special Events Director Sheri Muilenburg. “From the volunteers and staff to the riders and donors, the dedication and compassion for children demonstrated at the 25th Courage Classic was truly inspiring.”

    Visit couragetours.com to learn how to participate in or support the 26th Courage Classic, which is slated for July 18-20, 2015. At the website, you can also learn more about the riders and teams that crossed the finish line.

  • TheCyclist-Lawyer.com Cycling Team is Recruiting!

    Photo: courtesy of Mark Woolcott Photography.

    From Gary Harty and Amber Dennis
    (co-captains for the TheCyclist-Lawyer.com Cycling Team)
    TheCyclist-Lawyer.com Cycling Team has a few open roster spots for Senior Men and Women interested in road racing for the 2015 season. This Golden based team provides off-season training, tips on training techniques, nutrition, skills clinics, and tactics for new or inexperienced racers wanting to achieve success in criteriums, road races, time trials, and hill climbs on the road.

    Our focus is helping riders become racers and helping Category 5 racers and Category 4 racers upgrade to the next category. If you are looking to learn the ropes or improve as a racer and are committed to racing at least 10-15 times per season we might be the right team for you. [Editor's note: If that sounds like too much, they also have a club where you can learn what the race team is learning without a race commitment!] We cap our roster at 25 men and 25 women to maintain a close-knit environment and provide individual attention.

    Application deadline is September 21, 2014. Click here for more information or contact:

  • Prestige Jr's Season Recap

    Sweeping the podium at Superior Morgul.
    Jackson Hootman, Matthew Scavuzzo, Stephen Haas

    You might recall reading a bit about the Prestige Jr Elite Development Team at the beginning of the road season. 11 kids that were committed to taking their racing to the next level. I recently connected with Adam Zimmerman, (head coach) for a phone interview after Steamboat. Find out how their season went, and where these young men and women are going next.

    [303 Cycling:] Give our readers a general feel for how your first season went.
    Adam: Overall this inaugural season was a huge undertaking but at the same time we had such a successful season. Not only have we done well locally, but we've had success while traveling to surrounding states, the Dairy Region, and the Southwest.

    [303 Cycling:] Can you elaborate on that success? (You can brag a bit here. We like it).
    Adam: (laughing) Okay, then. We are currently leading BRAC in points for the 17-18 year old jr category. Locally we’ve had over 30 podiums. 36 podiums overall and over half of those were first place. We started meshing really well together about mid-season and it paid off.

    [303 Cycling:] Anything beyond that local/national success?
    Adam: One of our jr’s got chosen for USA cycling International Jr. Talent ID camp. He was one of only six 15-16 year olds in the country--Maxl Freman (Lakewood). He stayed at USA cycling headquarters in Sittard, Netherlands and then traveled in Europe. It was a total win-win. There he was racing, getting more motivated and motivating others. He had a wonderful experience.

    Maxl Freeman riding in Eruope wearing the USA Cycling jersey.

    Another one of our jr's who had major progression--came from down-hilling background--Samuel Fogel. At Bannock, he got 3rd in the 17/18's at State. To see his progression in such a short amount of time was really amazing. It was the perfect end of the season for him. He's a huge field sprinter with huge quads. And he’s never been in the weight room. ;)

    [303 Cycling:] Tell us about your team. Ages, sizes, range of kids, etc.
    Adam: We started with 10 kids and then had a few add-ons, bringing our final roster up to 13. The majority are 17/18. Three are 15-16. Savannah (Adams) was the only female. She just left for college to race for KU but plans on coming back to race for us in the summer. We're hoping to do a U23 team next year for those young adults who plan on sticking around. We don't want there to be a gap in their development simply because they graduate high-school.

    The one thing for this team that we aimed for (and got) was a big roster. Against suggestions, We made it big. And that’s great because we get a variety of skills. More is better. You get specialties. Logistically it’s tricky. But because we had so many, we could plug in our specialties and rotate. Looking for the right sponsorships is difficult, and financially it can be tough, but then came more podiums and more exposure.

    [303 Cycling:] What were your major goals of the season (aside from wins)?
    Adam: Our major goal was not only to be a junior development team, but also acting as a pipe-line for future cycling endeavors. Of course we want to promote junior cycling. But for those few who want to make it a career we want to be there for them for guidance.

    [303 Cycling:] Junior's cycling has sometimes gotten a bad rap regarding parental (over) involvement. How did you set the standard you wanted?
    Adam: Luckily, our parental community was super supportive. All the parents were at the majority of the races. Not only helping set up the little logistical things, but also being there with support. We also have lots of support from a great team manager (Eric Short) and I wouldn't have been able to do any of this without him. The local cycling community and atmosphere outside of our team was very supportive about this junior program becoming a reality. Everyone was really helpful and shared the knowledge they had.

    Savannah Adams winning Bannock.

    [303 Cycling:] Cross is officially rolling. Is your team interested?
    Adam: Our team is primarily road but we do have some that will race cx. Especially Maxl--he's one of our best and a few will do it for fun. My future goal is to have small pockets of riders in each discipline; a few track, mtb, cx but primarily road.

    [303 Cycling:] If you had one bit of advice for someone considering taking this something like this on, what would it be?
    Adam: Commitment. This would go for any cycling team. You have to be willing to sacrifice things in your own personal life and your own competition. Push for the integration into the racing scene. At the same time it also takes some will-power, luck and a generally supportive community. This could obviously vary greatly from region to region.

    [303 Cycling:] Any advice for kids (or parents) who are considering this path?
    Adam: There are a huge amount of jr’s programs out there. My suggestion--let’s say you’re 14. Find a program that fits the needs you are truly looking for. What kind of support will they give at races? Will there be a coach for tactical advice, a tent for warming up, off the bike events, etc. Logistics are so important. Look at the team dynamic. Are they smiling, talking with each other, looking like they get along? Just go and approach them. Talk with them. Get in touch with the team director.

    Here’s the thing: Parents, no matter what sport it is, are always involved. But the trick is to give your child space to progress through the team without over-involvement. Give them space to fail and succeed within the ranks of the team without getting too involved.

    Sam Fogel and Coach Adam at the track.

    Let them figure out--what they like to do. Is it climbing, sprinting or an all-arounder. You might see them as a skinny kid who is a climber--but they may turn sprinter later on. I started off as a climber. I was 125 pounds when I started cycling. Later I became a sprinter. Let them enjoy the types of races they want to do. They might love climbing but if they are say, 165 pounds they will figure out where their strengths lie.

    For all our Jr's we try to get them out of their comfort zone. We want them to try all the disciplines of road racing. If you're a great sprinter, but you can’t hang in there on road races, this is a problem and we can help. One of our jr’s is an amazing climber--the best in the state. He finally started enjoying crits at the end of the season.

    [303 Cycling:] Looking at results, I see that your team raced within the Senior's categories as well.
    Adam: Yes. We also thought this was a good move. Learning to race in the senior categories can be intimidating. We want our racers to be good people in the community outside of a jr. race or outside of racing altogether. We talked a lot about how they needed to present themselves at races, events, school, etc. It was this attitude that allowed many Senior racers to embrace our riders with open arms. From my perspective, they really acted like young ladies and gentlemen.

    If you are interested in the Prestige Jr. Elite Development Team, please contact Adam Zimmerman: zimaz1983@gmail.com or follow the team on facebook!

  • Take the Pro Bike Express Train to CrossVegas

    Photo: courtesy of cxmagazine.com.

    The most insane cross race you'll ever ride (or spectate at) is coming up next week. The Clif Bar CrossVegas race is something everyone should do or see at least one time in their lives. Honestly. It's that fun. But with that fun comes a price.

    If you've ever been to Interbike, you know it can be a touch...chaotic. Vegas is good for lots of things (though I'm having a hard time coming up with any aside from Cross Vegas and Interbike), but getting your bike to the start line of a race isn't one of them.

    This is where Wesley Smith of Pro Bike Express comes in. If you've ever used his services, you know he takes all the stress out of your race logistics so you can just focus on...your race. If you're thinking about driving to Vegas next week to race, check out the deal he's got going on (below). Instead, you could get a cheap flight, chill at the hotel pool, and arrive at that rock star race well...like a rock star vs. the other hundreds of racers I saw last year running through the maze of hotels with their bikes, panic looks on their faces. Poor things.

    From Pro Bike Express~
    With everyone trying to place every race on the schedule so early we figured at least one travel day down to "sin city" (Vegas) mid –summer could be a nice way to singe those fast twitch muscles nice and early for our long season and Austin TX for Nationals.

    We would pick up on the afternoon of the September 8th get into Vegas that Tuesday September 9th. Set up home base, race that afternoon/ evening of September 10th, break down and be back Friday morning the 12th, just in time for Boulder Cup! We figure that one bike would do the job for this quick trip but if you wanted to transport two (2) for the price of one (1), we will make it so! If you pack a wheel and gear bag, 10.00 per. So the pricing below would reflect the two (2) if you take em!

    Inner circle double secret discount code is “innercircle”.

      Normal pricing
    • Clif Bar CrossVegas transport: 125.00
    • Clif Bar CrossVegas Transport & service: 185.00
    • Clif Bar CrossVegas on-site service & support: 100.00
      PBE Inner Circle pricing
    • Clif Bar CrossVegas transport: 75.00
    • Clif Bar CrossVegas Transport & service: 135.00
    • Clif Bar CrossVegas on-site service & support: 50.00

    Don't delay!!! Click here to register and don't forget your inner circle double secret discount code.

  • Pete's Electric Bikes is closing in Boulder

    My new Electric bike from
    Pete's bike in Boulder

    Sad to see as the innovative electric cycling industry take off. As an owner of one of the bikes from Pete's shop and very satisfied customer, I hope Dean is correct in saying that more shops are starting to embrace the electric commuter/cargo bike revolution.

    After a decade of working with wonderful customers, colleagues, industry professionals, and friends like you, I regret to announce that Pete’s Electric Bikes is closing. We appreciate your loyalty and support over these past ten years. Many of you have become like family, which makes this transition especially difficult. Our work building the electric bike industry over the past decade has been very rewarding. You have been instrumental in that, and we will always be grateful to you.

    The decision to close was heart-wrenching and not by choice. Pete's has experienced amazing successes over the past decade, in many ways thanks to you, our customer.

    One regret is for the customers who might need service for their electric bikes. At this time, your best bet is to contact your local bike shop. Many of the larger ones are beginning to embrace electric bikes and should be able to provide you with the service you need.

    Again, please accept my sincere thanks for your commitment to Pete’s and to electric bikes. I hope our (bike) paths cross again soon.


  • Rincon de la Vieja MTB 100

    Warning: Karen's account of this race will 1. make you want to travel somewhere lush and green (outside of the current lush and green Colorado. 2. Race or ride your bike somewhere amazing. 3. Make you want to watch Avatar and/or pet some farm animals. Ready? Here we go.

    One thing has been constant since I was a little girl is that I never shy away from a challenge or adventure. When Jeff asked me if I wanted to come along to Costa Rica with him to race the RIncon de la Vieja 100 Challenge I’m not sure I even let him finish his sentence as I was quickly ‘eugoogalizing’ what I was getting myself into.

    The Rincon de la Vieja is Latin America’s first and ONLY 100 mile mountain bike race. What further sets this race a part is the course’s profile is like a saw blade that cuts through 5 different microclimates while circumnavigating an active volcano! I’m not sure I could think of any other event that could test all my weaknesses; distance, extreme temperatures, and a weak stomach in a foreign country. Challenge aside, I was fueled and motivated by the pure adventure the race would provide. Not to mention getting to share it with my partner in crime.

    Click here to read the rest of Karen's adventure.

    Photo: courtesy of Andres Vargas
  • SPARK Women's Racing is lighting it up.

    Released Aug. 25th, 2014

    SPARK Women's Racing is a new elite and professional women's cycling team based in Littleton, Colorado. We are proudly partnered with pedal of Littleton, and associated with pedal racing.

    Our mission is to assist in building a thriving women's cycling and racing community. SPARK emphasizes a passion for mentoring new female cyclists as well as providing development opportunities to women who have a desire to
    race their bikes and move into the professional ranks of the sport.

    SPARK Women's Racing is currently accepting applications for interested riders. [Editor's note: Ladies!!! This could be YOU!!!]

    Applications and more information can be found at Sparkwomenracing.com and on facebook.