• Volunteers needed for Boulder’s Walk and Bike Month 2015

    BOULDER — Organizers of Boulder’s 39th annual Walk & Bike Month are seeking volunteers for the 60+ events planned for June. Be a part of one of the nation’s largest Walk and Bike Month celebrations and help celebrate Boulder’s unique and nationally-recognized pedestrian and bicycle culture.

    Volunteers help with everything from distributing posters to offering administrative support. Dates and hours are flexible.

    To volunteer or for more information on volunteer opportunities, visit the Volunteer page on www.walkandbikemonth.org or contact Sue Prant: 303-564-9681 or sue@communitycycles.org.

    About Walk & Bike Month
    The 39th annual Boulder Walk & Bike Month is a diverse celebration of more than 60 bicycle and pedestrian activities organized throughout June. Presented by GO Boulder, Walk & Bike Month is the largest free event held in Boulder. Organizers expect 7,000 riders and pedestrians will turn out for Bike to Work Day, scheduled for June 24 this year. Activities are being coordinated by Community Cycles, a local nonprofit that educates and advocates for the safe use of bicycle transportation.

  • Registration Open for Boulder’s 39th Annual Bike to Work Day

    BOULDER — Registration for Bike to Work Day, the main event during Boulder’s 39th Annual Walk and Bike Month, is now open at www.walkandbikemonth.org. Bike to Work Day will be held on Wednesday, June 24 and include free breakfast stations all around town; 30 organizations have already committed to setting up breakfast stations and event coordinators anticipate many more will participate. By registering for Bike to Work Day, individuals are eligible to win great prizes and help the city measure the impact of biking and walking. The Denver Regional Council of Governments estimates that more than 7,000 will ride or walk for Bike to Work Day on June 24, including 5,000 who will register.

    Walk and Bike Month began as a single day event in 1977 and has grown into a month-long celebration. Boulder’s Walk and Bike Month is among the largest in the nation. This year, more than 60 free events have been planned for June to celebrate Boulder’s nationally recognized bicycling and pedestrian culture. Community Cycles, a local nonprofit that educates and advocates for safe bicycle use, is coordinating activities and volunteers during the month. Walk & Bike Month is sponsored by GO Boulder, a segment of the city transportation department focused on reducing single car usage, and more than fifty corporate sponsors.

    For more information on Walk & Bike Month, contact Sue Prant at sue@communitycycles.org, or visit www.walkandbikemonth.org.

    About Walk & Bike Month
    The 39th annual Boulder Walk & Bike Month is a diverse celebration of more than 60 bicycle and pedestrian activities organized throughout June. Presented by GO Boulder, Walk & Bike Month is the largest free event held in Boulder. Organizers expect 7,000 riders and pedestrians will turn out for Bike to Work Day, scheduled for June 25 this year. Activities are being coordinated by Community Cycles, a local nonprofit that educates and advocates for the safe use of bicycle transportation.

  • A Woman and Her Bike: Susan Lavelle

    Throughout the coming months we'll showcase a woman and her bike. Each time a different woman, different bike(s) and very different answers. Can you hardly wait?

    If you could only describe yourself in 5 words what would they be?
    Heart, kind, silly, generous, a loyal friend.

    What kind of bike (s) do you have?
    Cannondale Caad10.

    What do you have a bike for?

    Tell me about yourself. Age, kid's ages, where did you grow up and what was your favorite song in junior high?
    All sassy girls 6,9,12
    North County San Diego along the beach - Del Mar/Solana Beach area.
    OMGosh toss up anything U2 and The Police - Every Breath You Take.

    What has it meant to you to have a bike of your own? What do you get out of it? What if I took your bike away?
    I don’t ever remember not having a bike : )

    I started riding seriously when a boyfriend introduced me to it when I was 20. I fell in love with the excitement, the incredible fitness, being able to go any where I wanted and I must say the simple pleasure of the wind in my hair.

    Cycling was a huge escape for me. All my troubles seem to fade away.

    I did triathlons in my early 20’s but fell in love with the bike. Rode mega miles with anyone I could find to ride with me. When I was about 24 I was recruited to race for a terrific team. They taught me everything I needed to know about cycling and racing. I was hooked.

    I get a sense of calm out of riding that I can’t get anywhere else.

    I raced for 7 years (6 in CA and 1 in CO). I actually quit racing mainly because I had always had an eating disorder and really masked it with training mega mileage and minimal eating. It was time to get healthy. Then I met my hubbie and we started a family soon after. I rode everywhere with my girls and adored it.

    Editor's note: Susan is very open about her eating disorder. "I wake up every day and have to make a choice on eating healthy or depriving/over exercising. Every damn day. I am constantly reminded that here in Boulder food issues and body image stuff with women are present big time."

    I had always dreamed of doing masters nationals and hoped someday to fulfill that dream.

    In 2000 I worked for Timberland and a sign fell and hit me in the head on the job. Skull fracture. Grateful I had complete recovery within a year. Phew! Then I had our first kiddo and we had a significant car accident in 2003 when Izzy was a year. Then the next year the exact month of September another accident. Both not our fault and doctors believed I suffered a head injury in both. Hardest thing I have ever been through. Doctors told me I should never get on a bike again because the risk was just too high. I was devastated. I actually went through therapy and my incredible therapist convinced me I had to continue to ride. “Let your faith be bigger than your fear” was my motto thanks to Ali. I will never race again and I must say I struggle with it. I would love to race but know the risks are just too high.

    Just recently I began riding again and joined the Outdoor Divas Cycling Team. Crazy but the comfort I have is pretty surreal since it’s been close to 17 years since I rode with a crew inches apart. Delighted to be goal setting and making plans to ride/connect with an amazing crew of women. Riding = connecting for me. I have had many incredible conversations with friends on the bike. Also, nature. In San Diego, my favorite times were my solo rides up the coast.

    I know I have to face my fears, live my life to the fullest and a big part of who I am is a cyclist.
    The thought of never riding again would truly break my heart.

    Most of us (all of us) have had some adversity in our lives. Is there anything about cycling that helps you ride, I mean rise above it?
    Cycling makes me feel strong, connected, in charge, confident and able to conquer anything.

    What would you tell a mid 40's woman who's thinking about getting into biking?
    DO IT but take clinics on how to handle your bike, ride in a pack, find more experienced cyclists to ride with, general bike repair in case you are stranded. Join a club!

    Tell me one thing that's hard for you about biking? Getting dropped.

    Unfriendly women.
    Anything that scares the crap out of you?
    Riding in a pack at mega speed inches away from their tires and the crazy thing is that the biggest thrill for me is riding in a pack at mega speed : )

    Tell me. Do you think it's possible for a bike to save someone's life? Sanity?
    Yes indeedy!! Many days of challenges, parenting, partnering, working, etc. If I can get a ride in, it makes it all doable. Although some days I just want to ride off for hours and hours. wink wink.

    Does your bike have a name? If yes, what and why?
    Moxie - my company name.

    If you could go back in time what would you tell your 17 year old self?
    You are strong, your body is amazing in all that it can do, your strong legs and butt (I always struggled with my larger legs and butt) take you places and you should appreciate them. You can do anything!

    Your 30 year old self?
    The same. I seemed to have the same struggles.

    Lastly, what's your favorite thing about yourself when you're biking?
    I am like gumby on a bike (very comfy) and super social (some giggle I chat all the way until it gets hard - I am the gage on difficulty level). Many of my pals used to always say "Bring Susan for the entertainment."

    My favorite quote when training/racing was when it got hard I remember an old racer dude saying “it builds character” my reply was “I have enough character thank you LOL”.

    Thank you to Susan for sharing with us!
    Her company is http://www.moxiemoms.com and she works for https://www.hakuapp.com/

  • Wednesday Morning Velo - leader of the Networking Rides

    “We talk before, during, and after the ride,” Russ Chandler said, Organizer and Manager of Wednesday Morning Velo. ”It’s all about networking and using a bike ride to meet people. It’s expanded now into the businesses of the communities and we have people riding who are architects, bike shop owners, personal service providers, realtors, mortgage lenders, business managers, pro riders, and a whole bag of people.”

    Read More at Boulder Bike Life

    Come on out this Wednesday as 303Cycling is hosting the ride. Any reasonable route suggestions?

  • 2015 Walk & Bike Month sponsors named

    BOULDER —Community Cycles, coordinator of Boulder Walk & Bike Month, announced today that more than 50 sponsors have pledged approximately $61,000 to fund Boulder’s Walk & Bike Month activities this June. Sponsors contributed direct financial support, in-kind advertising, gear and services to support the month-long celebration of Boulder’s rich bicycle and pedestrian lifestyle. The top sponsors for 2015 are GO Boulder, the Daily Camera, and Southern Land Company.

    Sponsor funding covers the bulk of Walk & Bike Month expenses, paying for event permits, insurance, promotion and coordination of the 75-plus Walk & Bike Month events scheduled throughout June.

    Other major contributors include Boulder B-Cycle, New Belgium, Chipotle, Boulder Transportation Connections, RE/MAX of Boulder, Terrapin Care Station, Wellbridge Colorado Athletic Club and Google.

    Mid-level supporters include Colonial Savings, Clif Bar, People for Bikes, Sandoz, Sports Authority, Elevations, Stages Cycling, BikeLife, Conscience Bay Company, Boulder County, W.W. Reynolds, Applied Trust, eGo CarShare, Xilinx, PepPod, Naropa University, IBM and Boulder Toyota.

    Additional sponsors include Sopher Sparn Architects, Fox Tuttle Hernandez Transportation Group, Hazel’s Beverage World, Boulder Running Company, Trestle Strategy Group, Small Planet E Bikes, Boulder Chamber of Commerce, Better Boulder, SmartWool, Goodacre & Company, Element Properties, Jacque Michelle, Downtown Boulder Inc., Boulder Tire, Independent Motors, Boulder Beer, Fisher Honda, iSupportU, Pedestrian Shops, Corden Pharma and Pedal to Properties.

    Now in its 39th year, Boulder’s Walk & Bike Month, presented by GO Boulder, is one of the oldest and largest events of its kind in the nation. What began as a one-day event in 1977 has grown to a month-long celebration. Last year, more than 5,000 people registered for Bike to Work Day alone, and organizers expect an even larger turnout this year for Walk and Bike Month’s main event, which will be held on Wednesday, June 24.

    Community Cycles, a nonprofit that educates and advocates for biking as alternative transportation, will organize a majority of this year’s events.

    Walk & Bike Month 2015 includes a diverse list of events and activities for kids, seniors and families. For a complete list of events or to register for Bike to Work Day, go to www.walkandbikemonth.org. For more information, contact Sue Prant at sue@communitycycles.org.

  • Community Cycles hosts Mother’s Day Group Ride at Valmont Park

    BOULDER, Colo.—April 20, 2015—Community Cycles and GO Boulder, part of the Boulder City transportation department, will host a Mother’s Day Ride and Ice Cream Social on Sunday, May 10 at noon. The event is free and open to the public. Called Cyclofemme, this short ride will start and end at Valmont Park (at the picnic shelter by the dirt jumps). After a short ride, the group will return to the Valmont Park shelter at approximately 1 p.m. for ice cream. All children must be supervised by an adult at all times, and all participants must wear a helmet.

    For more information, contact Sue Prant at sue@communitycycles.org, or visit https://www.facebook.com/events/1442131622752435/.

    About Community Cycles (www.communitycycles.org)
    Community Cycles is a nonprofit organization of bicycle enthusiasts serving Boulder County. Its mission is to educate and advocate for the safe use of bicycles as a means of transportation and personal enjoyment within our community.

  • Registration Open for Kids Summer Cycling Program at the Boulder Valley Velodrome

    ERIE, CO (April 30, 2015)—Registration is now open for the Youth Velodrome Challenge (YVC), taking place at the newly opened Boulder Valley Velodrome. The 6-week program is for kids 11 to 16.
    The Bicycle Racing Association of Colorado (BRAC) has endorsed the Youth Velodrome Challenge and encourages young cyclists in the region to sign up. Doug Gordon, BRAC President stated “We are very excited that the Boulder Valley Velodrome is kicking off their first season with such a high-quality junior program. I cannot think of a better place to introduce kids to competitive cycling. No busy roads, no narrow bike lanes; now parents can watch their children in a controlled, wide open space and experience the thrill of bike racing. The group of coaches they’ve assembled and the in-depth instruction they’re offering is sure to attract new families to this incredibly fun and healthy sport!”
    The cost for the six-week program includes the use of track bicycles and cycling shoes and provides team jerseys. A USA Cycling coach teaches and guides each participant and team during the 90 minute, twice-a-week sessions. Kids are introduced to the basics of track cycling and the thrill of riding on a velodrome. At the conclusion of the program there will be competition between the teams to determine the Youth Velodrome Challenge champions!
    The 250 meter-long track has a maximum banking of 41.5 degrees in the turns. “The track can seem intimidating at first, but we have already had more than 150 riders on the track in just the first few months, with riders ranging from 11 to over 80. This program will be a blast for the kids!” exclaimed partner Doug Emerson. “When we first envisioned building the velodrome, the YVC is exactly the kind of program we hoped to offer.”
    The Youth Velodrome Challenge registration is open until May 16, 2015.
    # # #
    For more information, visit bouldervalleyvelodrome.com

    Contact Info: Pat McDonough email bvvelo@gmail.com
    Phone (719) 344-9109

    WHAT: The Youth Velodrome Challenge (YVC) is 6-week program for riders 11 to 16. Kids learn about track cycling, practice under the guidance of a USA Cycling certified coach, and then compete in a four-team league. No previous bicycle racing experience is necessary.

    WHEN: June 2 – July 8, 2015; registration open now until May 16
    Teams meet either Tuesday & Thursday or Wednesday & Friday.

    WHERE: Boulder Valley Velodrome, located at 601 Bonnell Avenue in Erie, CO

    EQUIPMENT: The Boulder Valley Velodrome provides the use of track bicycles and cycling shoes. Riders must bring their own helmets. Prior to the YVC Races all team riders receive a YVC team jersey.

    COST: $285
    Cost includes all track fees, equipment rental, coaching fees and YVC cycling jersey. In addition, all riders who finish the program are BVV Certified, making them eligible to ride and compete at the Boulder Valley Velodrome in other programs and race events.

    SIGN UP: Parents can register their children at the Boulder Valley Velodrome website at www.bouldervalleyvelodrome.com until May 16