• COBRAS to Present the 2015 Karen Hornbostel Memorial Time Trial Series

    Littleton, Colorado October 23, 2014: The Colorado Bicycle Racing Association for Seniors (COBRAS) will be presenting the 2015 Karen Hornbostle Memorial Time Trial (KHMTT), a seven week bicycle race series at Cherry Creek State Park beginning in early April 2015. The COBRAS are returning to the role of sponsorship of this event after a several year hiatus.

    Since 1991, the KHMTT has taken place Wednesday evenings in Cherry Creek State Park during April and May. The COBRAS are planning on a seven-week series with a makeup date in case of a cancellation due to unforeseen weather conditions.

    “We are very excited about managing this event again” stated COBRAS president Greg Kelton “this has been our club’s premier event for years and construction at the park has been a challenge for the last two years. With the construction over, we will have the full course and smoother roads! The weather can be a bit unpredictable but that is what makes the KHMTT unique and challenging! Cherry Creek State Park provides a central, easily accessed location, and riding the same 10 mile route for seven successive weeks offers the racers the opportunity to test their abilities”.

    The COBRAS are currently working with Cherry Creek State Park and with the Bicycle Racing Association of Colorado (BRAC) to finalize the dates and details. They expect to have the race series permit from USAC by early February.

    The KHMTT series is a fundraiser for BRAC and the Cancer Fitness Institute in memory of Karen Hornbostel, a four-time master’s national road champion and recipient of the 2003 Lance Armstrong Spirit of Survivorship award.

    The COBRAS were founded in 1993 and are focused on individuals 45 years or older who love the sport of cycling and who already race or are interested in learning to race. Membership is open to anyone who enjoys cycling whether they race or not and are at least 45 years old.

    Information and updates regarding the event will be posted at http://khmtt.cobrascycling.org

  • Local Triathlete has serious incident with car north of Boulder

    From Kennettron

    ...15 minutes later, as I climbed one of the rollers, I saw an Osmo bottle with a strange yellow lid sitting in the ditch. I recognized it as one of the bottles I’d filled that morning for Adelaide. She doesn’t leave bottles when they’re dropped. I looked up to the left, just now getting to the intersection of Hygiene Rd and Hwy 36 and saw two police cars and some people standing in the grass by the side of the road. It reminded me of a scene I’d come across on my way to Sprouts two days before: Emergency vehicles and a crumpled bike. I’d stopped then to see if anyone was seriously injured, just out of my own curiosity. This time, as I pulled across the road to the police car, I was suddenly very worried.

  • Seasonal Dome for Colorado Springs Velodrome
  • Hour Record Attempt by Colorado Cyclist

    From Kevin Nicol

    Kevin training on Erie Velodrome

    On, Friday, October 24, 2014, 5pm, in Colorado Springs, Colorado, Kevin Nicol will attempt to break the U.S. National One-Hour Record for riders aged 45-49, The current record is held by former U.S.
    Olympian, Kent Bostick, who rode a distance of 49.3610Km, at the Manchester, England Velodrome in

    The Hour Record attempt has been a long term goal of Nicol’s for nearly 5 years and late this summer he
    decided the time was right to make a serous attempt. The event is seen as a supreme challenge, a true
    measurement of how far an individual can ride over the course of 60 minutes. Nicol has spent the past
    few years reading everything he could regarding riders who have attempted the Hour. Training
    regimens, nutrition, equipment, final prep and lead up have all been digested by Kevin in his effort to
    become a true student of this extreme event. In the past few months Kevin has reached out to as many
    experienced experts as he could find to assist him in this effort.

    “The support of Doug Emerson at Boulder Valley Velodrome and my Natural Grocers team generous
    sponsorship along with SRM Power Systems, Excel Sports International has been crucial” explained Nicol
    “In addition the Human Performance Lab at the University of Colorado Anschutz Health and Wellness Center with Dr. Inigo San Millan and Nick Edwards, has
    really helped me focus my training efforts to this particular event. There are far too many others to
    mention right now, but everyone that has a hand in this I want to thank.”

    Nicol has been doing tests at Boulder Valley Velodrome and the Colorado Springs Velodrome with Inigo
    over the past two months. Nicol raced on the track back in the late 1980’s. He stated that the
    upcoming opening of the Boulder Valley Velodrome inspired him to get back on the track and ultimately
    try the Hour. “I have done my best to optimize training and equipment for this event, looking to
    capitalize on some good form back in September when my good friend Nico Toutanhoofd and I, set the
    tandem 70+ and 90+, 40K records.” stated Nicol about his recent form.

    Last year’s record attempts by Colby Pearce and recently Jens Voigt have been a huge inspiration for
    Nicol. “The fascinating draw to the Hour is that you may never completely explore every component
    that involves this storied event, but there is no doubt to succeed you have to push yourself beyond all
    limits. That is exciting to me!”

    Kevin Nicol will be attempting the One Hour Record on Friday, October 24th at the Colorado Springs
    Velodrome. The planned start time is 5:30pm. Weather permitting. The track is open to spectators for
    the event.

  • How the Boulder Mountain Bike Alliance got started

    From Mike Barrow

    Many of you know know of my time spent in trails advocacy... I have a story I want to share....

    I was being interviewed by a CU PhD candidate who was doing research on recreation based stewardship. The first question that was asked, "How did this club get its start?"

    I'd bet that most of you don't know...

    The only reason why I know is because I have been through our archives... I didn't get hooked up with BOA until 6 months in...

    BOA/BMA got it's start after a cyclist was killed in Boulder Canyon. Several civic minded cyclists were upset enough that the Boulder Creek path didn't go all the way to Four Mile Canyon... which would have prevented this tragedy. The result of that activism got the Boulder Creek Path to extended to it's present terminus.

    I told the interviewer the story and she was visibly shaken.

    Then she tells me that the cyclist that was killed was her mother...

    Knock me over with a feather.... she was eight years old at the time. She had no idea of the connection we had.

    This is how we make a difference in our community... believe it... find something positive that feeds you and makes the world a better place and MAKE A DIFFERENCE.

  • Boulder pays $30,000 to cyclist in incident with police

    From the DailyCamera

    The Boulder City Council voted Tuesday night to pay $30,000 for a settlement agreement in a lawsuit brought against the city by a bicyclist injured two years ago in an accident with a police motorcycle.

  • Boulder, CU Police Focus on Crosswalk Violations

    From the Daily Camera

    Local law enforcement agencies will step up enforcement of crosswalk safety ordinances over the coming weeks, particularly in school zones and high traffic areas, as part of the city's Heads Up Boulder campaign.

    Boulder and University of Colorado police will focus on three main points in their enforcement: pedestrians and bicyclists must activate crosswalk lights if possible, bicyclists must slow to no more than 8 mph at crosswalks, and drivers approaching crosswalks must not pass vehicles already stopped to let a pedestrian cross the street.

    Boulder senior transportation planner Marni Ratzel said the rules allow drivers to see pedestrians and cyclists and to react to them.

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