• Front Range Cycling Team Wins National Championship

    RallySport Cycling Team won the 2015 50+ Team Time Trail National Championship held in Greenville SC on Sunday April 19, 2015. The four man team consisted of Todd Cassan, John Mansell, Gary Sharp of Boulder and Michael Williams a guest rider from the Rio Grande Team out of Fort Collins.

    The RallySport Team was the first Master’s team on the course for the day and set the high mark for others to beat with a 43:06 in heavy sheets of rain. By the end of the day they had trumped their second place rivals by 36 seconds over a 20 mile course. “ The conditions were horrendous, there was so much water falling from the sky and spraying off the wheel in front of you, it was like riding blind”, said Mansell. The team had not competed together before the Championships but had dedicated their training over the last several months to hone the skills needed to be smooth and aerodynamic.
    “We had great coaching and lots of motivation, it takes more than just four strong guys to win an event like this, it takes a team effort with full support to pull it off’’ Sharp stated.

    The RallySport Cycling Team is a Master’s team based out of Boulder sponsored by the RallySport Health Club. They consist of approximately 30 riders with a focus on road and cyclocross racing in Colorado and Nationwide.

  • Road Rage happens to group ride in Fort Collins area

    From YourGroupRide.com

    "The driver then put the vehicle in reverse and sped backwards towards the riders. After the vehicle came to a stop, the driver got out screaming at the rider that tapped his car, as that rider was getting his phone out to video the incident, the driver took a swing at either the phone or the rider."

    And Then..

    The Larimer County Sheriff's deputies arrived on the scene but decided not to press multiple charges on the driver because "he already got his ass kicked".

  • Support a Great Cause and Score Some Great Gear @ Bicycle Colorado's Gala

    We hope you’ll join 303cycling at the annual Bicycle Colorado Gala celebration taking place on Friday, April 24 in Denver. Bicycle Colorado does so much to improve bicycling in our state, and this is a great way to show your support. And, you’ll get a chance to score some great stuff at the auction!

    Auction items include: Specialized Roubaix or Ruby, Caribbean sailing cruise, restaurant and brewery gift cards, entries to Tour of the Moon, Ride The Rockies, Triple Bypass, Colorado Rocky Mountain Bicycle Tour, massages, Borealis fatbike rims, DT Swiss RRC 66 wheel set, New Belgium cruiser, Aspen ski/in, ski/out condo, original artwork and the list goes on and on.

    The event features New Belgium beer and tasty food and wine. You can dress up or keep it casual. It’s a great chance to hobnob with many Colorado bicycling celebrities, catch up with old friends and make new ones. Tickets are on sale now. Hope to see you there!

    Event overview link:

    Score some great stuff link:

  • Elite cyclists and triathletes needed for VO2max study

    The Applied Exercise Science Lab at the University of Colorado Boulder is seeking elite cyclists (category 1 or pro) and triathletes (elite) aged 18-42 to participate in a study investigating factors that influence VO2max. The purpose of this study is to figure out how total hemoglobin mass and arterial oxygen saturation influence maximal oxygen uptake (VO2max). The experiment will consist of four separate sessions, which together will last 2 hours and 40 minutes. Your VO2max and total hemoglobin mass will be determined, and you will also be offered an optional lactate threshold and economy test. Total hemoglobin mass is a measure of the total amount of hemoglobin in circulation and is strongly related to aerobic performance. Email Jesse Goodrich at jesse.goodrich@colorado.edu

  • Close Call Database for Cyclists

    Another useful resource for cyclists anywhere but was made right here in Colorado. The creator of the service contacted me back in late 2014 and honestly I forgot about it until I got emails from their automated service alerting me to a possible aggressive driver nearby. Net app and very easy to use.

    Are you interested in finding out if there is a dangerous or aggressive motorist where you ride?

    The Close Call Database for Cyclists allows a cyclist to notify other cyclists about dangerous or threatening divers that have been encountered in their area. When a cyclist has a close call or bad encounter a motorist, and the cyclist feels that the driver’s actions were purposeful and unprovoked, they can record the details in The Close Call Database (CCDB). Once submitted the Incident is reviewed and then entered into the database. An Incident Notification is sent to all registered cyclists living and riding within a 60 mile radius of the encounter.

    If it becomes apparent that the same driver, say someone in a Red Ford F250, keeps recurring in the reports, then it’s pretty clear that there is a problem driver in the community. But now there is a detailed record of the driver’s actions, and hopefully a verification of his license plate. At that will notify the local police and provide them with the ability to review the report Incidents allowing them to intervene and hopefully prevent a tragedy from occurring.

    All you need to do is register. When you do so, you will see any existing reports in your area, and you will be notified of new ones. Registering the “long way” takes a minute, registering with your Strava account takes seconds: http://closecalldatabase.com

  • USAPro Challenge to add Women's Race

    I know this might sound to some readers as a April Fools joke but it is finally true!

    From VeloNews
    The USA Pro Challenge announced Tuesday it will hold a three-day elite women’s race in conjunction with the men’s race in August.

    The route for the women’s event will overlap with some parts of the men’s race, and the women will compete for the same daily prize money as the men, according to a press release.

    The three-day race is slated for August 21-23; the men’s race is scheduled for August 17-23.

  • Overend and Wells plan mountain bike fondo in Durango

    From BRAIN:

    September event will celebrate the 25th anniversary of the first UCI MTB World Championships.

    DURANGO, Colo. (BRAIN) — Famed mountain bikers Ned Overend and Todd Wells are getting behind a "dirt fondo" in their home town of Durango, Colo., that will celebrate the 25th anniversary of the first UCI Mountain Bike World Championships, which were held in Durango in 1990 and won by Overend.

    The first Durango Dirt Fondo is being produced by the Iron Horse Bicycle Classic organization. It will be held this Sept. 12 and be limited to 500 participants.

    There will be 30- and 50-mile course options. The 50-mile cloverleaf-shaped course will wind around the town, using four different trail systems and taking in parts of the courses of major events held in Durango, including the 2001 World Cup, NORBA Nationals, the Iron Horse cross-country race and the Single Speed World Championships. The final stretch will pass through the Overend Mountain Park and the start and finish will be at the Durango Discovery Museum located on the bank of the Animas River. The fondo does not include the 1990 Worlds course, which was at the Purgatory ski resort (now Durango Mountain Resort) a few miles from town.

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