What is the desired CX field size?

less than 30
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Cyclocross Field Size

This is where i think the ACA is going wrong. They keep adding fields but only the Mens 35+/4s is too big. I think a good filed size is around 50. I really think they should only run 2 womens races and lump the fields together. This is probably not a very popular solution for the women but their field sizes are so small. This would allow longer races and maybe one additional field for the men.

As long as we have multiple

As long as we have multiple categories running at the same time, you don't necessarily get a benefit from reducing the number of categories. There will be 3 women's categories again next year. Women Open and Masters Women will be on course at the same time, using one time slot. Women 4 will be on course with Men 55+, sharing that time slot. If you got rid of Women 4 and made them race Women open, you wouldn't gain any time unless you also made Men 55+ race with Men 45+. Note this year that a slot was created to give Men 45+ time on the course by themselves as they didn't want to race with Women Open as they did the last 2 years.

Field Size/Women's Fields

I'm all for 100+ fields, but the courses need to allow for more passing. A huge field w/ bottlenecks all over the course is going to frustrate a lot of people. Callups would also need to be done better.

I disagree w/ your idea about women's fields. If any categories are to be added, they should be categories that encourage new riders to get into the sport. They should not be added to split the masters' field so everyone over 35 who isn't a Cat 4 feels good about themselves.

It's all about me...

As long as I can jump been between the Men 45 + open, Men 35 + open and Men Open on any given weekend, I don't care what you do with the other 5 hours of racing. Just make sure you keep 3 hours of everyday for Men's Open-Elite racers.