Denver Zoo employee hits Commuting Milestone

From Denver Zoo Facebook page

Today is an exciting day for Matt Lenyo, a Denver Zoo staff member who is celebrating an exciting milestone – July 1 marks his one year commitment to ditch his car for his daily commute to work. Matt was selected to be the champion for the Wild Ride Team, a group of Denver Zoo staff committed to reducing their reliance on single occupancy vehicles for their daily commute.

Denver Zoo supported Matt in this challenge by providing a number of great goodies to help him out through the process including an ECO pass to ride RTD, an iPad, and panniers for his bike. At the six-month milestone Matt received a beautiful Surly Cross Check bike, purchased at The Bike Depot, Park Hill, a partner for the program that provided bike maintenance and tools to help him be a successful bike commuter.

Since July 1, 2012 Matt has biked, walked, carpooled and bused 3,641 miles and reduced his greenhouse gas emissions by 1,901 pounds! Learn more about Denver Zoo’s commitment to alternative transportation here:

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