Roller Racing is coming to Denver!

The very exciting "sport" of roller racing is coming to Denver March 20th at the Handlebar & Grill. What is roller racing, honestly, I've only witness this type of event on youtube videos so my exposure is limited. There are many different ways to run a roller race but in general you have 2 or more bikes set up on trainers and with the resistance set not very high this forces the riders to compete with extremely high cadence, image riding down Mount Evens on a fixie which has a 42x18 on it! OUCH!

These events are very common in Portland Oregon area where the cycling culture is radically different than the Denver area.

Details on the Event

Sign up from 7pm-8pm and racing starts at 8pm on March 20th

The roller racing is be put on by these guys
They have some photos of testing out the units

Bike Denver will also be hosting a Spring Vernal Equinox Ride before this event which finishes at the bar

One example of Roller racing

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