Denver Mayor invites cyclist on Bicycle Advisory Committee

Great opportunity is opening up for Denver cyclist to help make their voice heard, the Mayor of Denver is looking for cyclist to sit on his Bicycle Advisory Committee. According to Bike Denver they explain the role you would play on the committee and how you can submit a request to be on the committee. Applications must be filed by Jan 7!!!

Read all the details on Bike Denver

As advisor to the Mayor and City agencies, and conduit to our community, the MBAC is playing a leading role in making Denver a more bicycle friendly city. The Mayor and the MBAC are looking for committed individuals who will represent our diverse City and bicycle community. When applying, please address the following in your letter of interest.

  • How often do you ride a bike (daily, weekly, monthly) and for what purpose (recreation, transportation, etc)?
  • Are you a member of any bicycle organizations? Which ones?
  • What bicycle-related activities do you /have you participated in?
  • Do you use public transportation? Combine it with bike riding?
  • Are you familiar with the Bicycle Friendly Communities program?
  • Will you be able to make the time commitment to attend the monthly MBAC meeting and at least one sub-committee meeting per month?
  • What do you hope to accomplish as a member of the Mayor’s Bicycle Advisory Committee?

Please reply with your letter of interest, application, and resume to Suzan Moore at

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Commuter Route Assistance

Commuting routes are often dangerous... what if a potential commuter could submit a start and end point and get a route for both directions. My route home from work is way different than my route to work. Factors such as; riding at night, crossing high speed traffic, different shoulder widths, steep uphills, etc... dictate different routes. Perhaps a once a week training group that scouts a few of the best routes and then races them to determine mileage, time, ease, and safety of each route could be fun and beneficial.