Learn what your Denver Mayoral Candidates have to say about the future of bicycling

From BikeDenver.org

Hey Denver! It’s time to vote for a new Mayor! At BikeDenver, we believe that bicycling is part of the identity of the City of Denver and we wanted to find out how our mayoral candidates viewed issues and priorities related to bicycling. We encourage, you, the reader, to research candidate positions on a wide spectrum of issues and we hope that these specific responses will help you in that process.

In early April, 2011, BikeDenver sent this bicycle specific questionaire to all the candidates on Denver’s mayoral ballot. At press time, we are reporting all the responses we received:

1. According to the Denver Regional Air Quality Council: Emissions from mobile sources (cars, trucks, etc) make up the largest segment of air pollution in the Denver metropolitan region.

Read their responses at BikeDenver.org

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