UPDATE - Police say it was an accident with fisherman not a "Booby Trap"

From 9News

Last Friday night around 6:30, a 62-year-old bicyclist had his ride end abruptly when he was clothes lined by fishing line stretched across the path.
"We asked the trauma room and they said that when the EMTs brought him in that he had had a clothes line accident and they kept saying that there was fishing line pulled across the bike path and that he ran into it," the victim's wife said. "He said there was an eyewitness and he flew off his bike forward, landed on his head and rolled and that they called it a booby trap."

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Fishing line stretches, human body has more mass/ momentum than the bike. Bike slows faster, body falls forward. If the fishing line had no stretch then he would have stopped moving forward immediately.

From the Denver Police

"The incident with the bicyclist and the fishing line was never reported to DPD. It appears 9News was contacted by the family and they contacted us just asking for a comment. We are in the process of following up. It was not that the DPD ignored the report, we were not initially informed. I'll let you know what action is taken when we make contact with the injured biker."