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Panda Bicycles Opens a New Denver Store for its Bamboo Bikes

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DENVER, CO (BRAIN) — Panda Bicycles has opened a new boutique shop in Denver dedicated to the bamboo bike brand that could be the first step in establishing a network of concept stores.

"It’s a kind of an exploratory exercise for both of us,” Panda co-founder Jacob Castillo said in reference to both his company and Panda Concept Store proprietor Angel Cruz.

Denver's Bicycle Collective closing doors and taking proposals for resources

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From Email passed on to us

Hello Friends! Hello Allies!

It’s been awhile since we’ve talked but we have some big news.

The Derailer Bicycle Collective is transitioning. We love and have loved the work that we do and the people that we work with but after 10 years of operation, we no longer have the dedicated people-power to continue our bicycle programming in Denver. We are putting out a Request For Proposals (RFP) to accept serious proposals from groups who want to use Derailer’s resources (tools/parts/materials) in the future.

Pressure to put B-cycles in lower income neighborhoods

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Filling the demand of the "last mile" to all neighborhoods in Denver.

From the Denver Post

We sympathize with Denver City Council member Paul Lopez, who represents a mostly Latino district in southwest Denver. He wants new B-Cycle stations in his district — a request Parry Burnap, executive director of Denver Bike Sharing, would very much like to accommodate.

Cyclist taken out by Barbed Wire on south Denver Bike Path

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Details are still coming in, but from information we have received, a female cyclist crashed on the bike path late this afternoon in south Denver. The rider struck the barbed wire and did an endo hitting her helmet, chest and palms. The police have been contacted. Exact location is still be worked out.

Unlike the last time a story like this came up, where it ended up being an accident from a fisherman but somehow I have to believe that barbed wire does not accidentally end up on a bike path.


Location: S. Platte bike path just north of Mineral. There is a little bridge that you cross and it was just north of there.,-105.029984&spn=0.018456,0.045447&...

Illegal Speed Bump takes out south Denver Cyclist

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Update This location might not be in the city of Englewood, anyone know who's it is in?

Last Friday a cyclist was riding in Englewood in the Denver Tech Center descending a hill. Given that fall is coming on the shadows from the trees are becoming stronger and one tree was shadowing a "speed bump" leaving it nearly invisible to the cyclist resulting in them hitting the pavement at speeds around 20mph and putting them in the ER. Here is the location of the incident Interestingly enough, the city of Englewood on their website does not use speed bumps

Results of various studies have raised concerns about the potential dangers of speed bumps. Speed bumps are not recognized by the State of Colorado as an official traffic control device. Injuries caused by speed bumps may result in significant additional liability for the City. For these reasons, the City of Englewood does not use speed bumps on public streets and alleys.

Here is a second view of the speed bump view too

Denver Broncos Orange Ride this Sunday, September 30th

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Join Bike Denver, the Denver Cruisers, and Denver B-Cycle on the third annual Orange ride this Sunday, September 30th. The ride will leave at 12:15 from the Denver Pavillions on 16th Street and Glenarm and will head to the Broncos Stadium. Denver Mayor Hancock will join the ride and deliver the game ball onto the field while riding a Denver B-Cycle.

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