Boulder-Denver Cycling Group Rides


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303cycling is collecting a list of all the group rides in the Denver/Boulder area since you the readers have repeatedly been asking for it. If you want your ride to you up hill then check out our Colorado Hill Climb page or if you are just looking for rides then check out our Area Rides page. Please comment below to tell us and everyone about your ride, critical information to provide is..

Most common Group Cycling Rides

  • Gateway Park Find on map

    Very fast and at times dangerous and often lawless group ride that usually attracts the top names of the area if not from the country. This ride starts at 10AM and begins around the first of the year. It usually goes until late spring. The route heads north to Carter Lake. The ride can have up to 50+ riders and at times are subject to traffic tickets.

  • Venus de Miles Club Ride
    Twice a month mostly woman only ride that starts at Full Cycle in Boulder. Check out the club's Facebook page for more details.
  • NCAR ride Find on map

    Meet 11:45 weekdays at 47th and mitchell lane. Ride ranges from tempo to intense at times. Ride returns a little after 1pm. More info.

  • Boulder Networking Ride Find on map

    Fun, Wednesday early morning (6:30am) ride which always heads north to Jamestown or Hygenie or somewhere in between. The ride is usually mild but near the end or entry to Jamestown for some the pace really picks up. Ride returns to Amante where a sponsors purchases coffee and pastries for all the riders. Ride stops in Oct due to light limitations. Learn more.

  • Wednesday Worlds ride Cyclocross only and fall only ride which meets at 7am at Amante in North Boulder and usually heads to the Elks lodge for 1 hr of intense cyclocross training. Given the shortness of the course there really isn't "being dropped" so all are welcome to join regardless of skill or fitness. More info.
  • Pearl Izumi, Louisville Colorado. Find on mapMeet at the Peal Izumi head quarters around 12:15 nearly every weekday with 10-ish other riders for a moderate pace covering routes around Louisville and into Boulder.
  • Bustop Ride Tuesdays and Thursday at 5:00 pm. Find on map, this ride historically has problems and does not practice Conscious Cycling. Usually starts mid Spring and ends early Fall.
  • Boulder Cycling Club
    We depart from Boulder Beer on Tuesday evenings and Bacaro on Thursday evenings. We're a non competitive group with a no drop policy on all of our rides. Typically about 25-30 miles. We now have a women only ride which departs from Boulder Beer at the same time on Tuesdays. Departure time changes with the sun, our calendar is updated weekly.

Once we have gathered enough information a new page on our site will be created to allow you to stay up to date on rides you could do.

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Denver CX

I'm aiming to get a weekly or possibly bi-weekly morning cx practice ride started in the central Denver area by the end of the summer. I just moved to Denver from Boulder and would like to have a similar thing going on here. I've been scouting routes in the City Park lately and it could be fun, fast, challenging and great for practice. Keep an eye out in August for things to get started.

Gateway ride

The Gateway ride has been rolling since Jan on Saturdays weather permitting. Smaller groups when its below 30 degrees. I seem to remember Sundays last year going too but not till March. Much smaller on Sunday but still good especially if Saturday was bad weather. For new riders: it rolls with a strong but reasonable pace line to Lyons and usually picks up a bit to 75th. Informal potty break after the turn then lights out all the way to Carter for a regroup. Then down the backside. Pretty intense on the way back surprisingly.

Denver Ride

We have a saturday ride that leaves every week from Rocky Mountain Lake Park (47th and Federal). The start time varies from 8AM to 10:30AM depending on the time of year, weather and consensus of the group. We have a group on facebook for called "Bike Colorado" which is an open group if anyone is interested in joining.