Denver starts city wide plans for 500 bike share program

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Today Denver starts down an plan to provide a 500 bike share problem. This is a very unique and huge project beyond the scope of other bike share programs in the USA. I won't repeat what has already been stated so well on the site about the project.

Full details on the story

No Eagle scout badge for me!

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"Be Prepared" isn't that a cub/boy scout motto? Today I failed! While commuting in I got a flat on my Redline 925, no big deal, I have what I need, I'm even prepared by having a 15 wrench to get the axle bolts off on the rear... opps, I also need a 10 to get the bolt off that holds the chain tensioner. DAMIT! I read in a MTB magazine that you can stuff your tire with grass to get by... that didn't work, it just made the tire "bouncy". So I was left to sticking my tail between my legs and ride the last 2 miles on a flat.

Bike to school week starts this week at some schools

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This week Heatherwood Elementary school is having here first ever Walk or Roll to School Week.

The principal had mentioned that nearly 150 students either walked or rolled to school yesterday which is HUGE considering on average this time of year you see about 5-ish bikes in the racks! And this is just the first day!

Boulder is not alone in this effort, yesterday I received an email from the Fort Collins group stating....

The City of Fort Collins Safe Routes to School Program has joined forces with the Poudre School district Wellness Committee’s “Fit for Life Campaign” as well as the City’s bike program, FC Bikes, to bring fun and fitness to area youth while improving Fort Collins’ air quality.

Bike to School Day is April 23rd, 2008 which kicks off five additional weeks of Walk and Wheeling Wednesdays to encourage children and their parents to get into the routine of walking and biking to school. (April 23rd, April 30, May 7, May 14, May 21, May 28)


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