Going Car-less Part II

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Part II of a continuing series on going car-less, telling the stories of those who have successfully made the switch. Did you miss Part I

Thanks to Lisa Fischer-Wade for sharing their car-less story If you have a car-less story you'd like to share drop us a line

I sold my car in 2002, after taking a job that was within walking distance from home. I bought a 49cc Honda scooter to do longish errands, but mostly started getting used to being a gal without a car & doing as much as I could by bike (Bianchi cross bike, which is main commuter. We live on the west end of town with easy access to both the Boulder Creek Path and the Goose Creek Path. In 2003 I took a job in east Boulder and, with a bike commute that is nearly door to door bike path, it would be embarrassing not to bike commute year round. When the weather is bad I take the bus or get a ride from my husband. Last year he built up a "snow bike" for me, because he was tired of being my chauffeur on snowy days. The bike paths are not the problem - they are maintained wonderfully by the city (better than the roads, actually), but getting to the paths from our house can be incredibly treacherous.

Besides biking daily to/from work, I also commute year round to the health club, a bit of grocery shopping, the farmers market, dentist & doctor appointments. Some of my tips for year round commuters: 1) purchase a really good light system AND carry a back up small battery powered light (and carry spare batteries), 2) always have enough money for bus fare, just in case, & 3) if you use a backpack/courier bag to carry stuff, be sure it fits well and is durable.

Have you been involved in a close call?

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Everyone has those stories about that one time (or many) where someone in a car, or bike, other form, almost took you out while riding your bike. Now they might be a good laugh over a beer but at the time you might have wanted your voice to be heard but how. Well you have options and here are some below, if you know of others please comment!

50% increase in Winter Bike to Work Day

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This years Winter Bike to Work Day was a success with over 1200 cyclist joining in, which according to the story in the daily camera this is a 50% increase over last years numbers. "Awareness of the event helped at lot" said one particpate who said it was their first time they had ever heard of the event. Riding to work in the winter is easier than many may think especially if you only do it like once a week allowing up to pick and choose when the weather works best. See more Winter bike to work photos

2010 Walk & Bike Month is holding T-Shirt design contest

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Do you have creative juices and think you can create the next Walk and Bike Month T-shirt design for GO Boulder? Stand up and get started because GO Boulder is holder a T-shirt Design contest for the 2010 Walk and Bike Month T-shirts. Deadline for entry is Feb 26 so you can procrastinate until Feb 24. Judges will be a cycling celebrities from the area like Davis and Connie Carpenter Phinney, Andy Hampsten, Tom Danielson, Jonathan Vaughters, Nicole DeBoom, Jason Giguere, Traci Jones and more... (I'm sure it was just an over sight by GO Boulder to have left my name off).

Details of the contests

Winter Cycling Classes near you

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The front range may be home to more cyclist per capita than 95% of the rest of the USA but when winter comes some might believe that most of the citizens have sold their bikes. Bike commuting or simply bike riding can be difficult in the winter months however its easier than you might think. The number 1 myth is that its too cold to commute with my bike. The first 60 seconds of your commute most likely will have you second guessing your choice to ride but you will warm up and if you're a novice will find that in 5 minutes (if your commute is that far) you probably wore too many clothes.

Learn clothing tips, gear choices and much more at some of the local winter cycling work shops schedule next week.

Heatherwood Elementary Bike Rodeo

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Heatherwood Elementary recently hosted a Bicycle Rodeo for kids as a kick off to their Walk and Roll week. Heatherwood Elementary was awarded a Safe Routes to Schools grant which is primarily being used to get kids safely across 75th street which pretty much cuts the school area right in half. The bike rodeo has a kit loaned to Heatherwood from the super friendly folks at Boulder Valley School District which made setting up and running the rodeo very easy. In the case of Heatherwood, we had over 100 kids participating in it!! That was a huge success.

If your BVSD school is interested in hosting a bike rodeo contact the great folks at Boulder Valley School District SRTS Program and they can get you started, for other Front Range schools try your school district SRTS coordinator or contact but expect to lay down some $$$ for their help.

Studio One Dental race team came out to be the primary supporters of the event and did a knock out job! The owner of Studio One Dental was also on hand helping out, amazing nice guy dedicated to getting kids on bikes.... and healthy teeth. This is not a paid advertisement but I strongly encourage avid cyclist to consider using Studio Dental One as your primary Dentist, he supports cyclist!!!

Weekly crits, single speed racing, and pseudo track racing Happening in the 970 area

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The 303 area isn't the only area that has a lot going on this summer, the recently very active community to the north of us, mainly Fort Collins, is alive with cycling action over the next month. Here is what they have happening.

- The Velodrome Association of Fort Collins is back this summer to putting on the Oval racing. Check out their race schedule and their soon to come Race Flier Here is last year's flier on the event

- Single Speed Road Racing! This is the event's 5th year. Little is known and maybe that is on purpose since it doesn't appear to be supported by any cycling bodies or the county officials. What is know is your race for approx 30 miles and there are coasting and non-coasting categories. Registration opens at 8:30 and riding gets underway at 9:30. Cost if $15 and all this happens July 12th at a point yet to be choosen. Follow website for more information

Wednesday, June 24th is Colorado's Bike to Work Day!

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Everyone, June 24th is Colorado's Bike to Work Day so start preparing now (if thats what it takes) to make sure to will not be in a gasoline powered vehicle on Wednesday. It is Strongly encouraged to register with DRCOG (Denver Regional Council of Governments).

And there is free food!

Throughout the Denver metro area breakfast food stations will be placed around for anyone commuting by bike, foot, skateboard... anything but cars/trucks, but make sure to get to them early if you are expecting some food because at least in Boulder, those feed stations really fill up around the 9am hour!

Find a feed station along your route


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