Denver's Bicycle Collective closing doors and taking proposals for resources

From Email passed on to us

Hello Friends! Hello Allies!

It’s been awhile since we’ve talked but we have some big news.

The Derailer Bicycle Collective is transitioning. We love and have loved the work that we do and the people that we work with but after 10 years of operation, we no longer have the dedicated people-power to continue our bicycle programming in Denver. We are putting out a Request For Proposals (RFP) to accept serious proposals from groups who want to use Derailer’s resources (tools/parts/materials) in the future.

Why are we doing this? Most of the people who organize Derailer's operations are moving on to other things in the near future. By the beginning of 2013, we won't have the dedicated people-power to run the shop as it is. We feel strongly about finding a good home or homes for Derailer’s infrastructure that has been built over the past decade. We are doing this because we love Derailer, what it has meant to each of us personally, the thousands of people who have learned mechanics here, and the thousands of bikes that were put back on the streets because of it.

Why are we telling you about this? First, we want the Denver community to know about our plans.
And second, we want to find the best way to give our tools, parts, knowledge and connections a new, useful life and WE NEED YOUR HELP finding applicants. For example, if you have a cool bike program for kids, but need tool sets and brake parts, submit a proposal! If you want to open an affordable bike project in your neighborhood and need the materials to start it, submit a proposal! If you teach mechanics classes in Spanish and need bikes to work on, submit a proposal!
If you, your program, or someone you know has a vision and passion for using our resources, please submit a proposal by December 1, 2012. (

So thanks for the good times! (Truly. Amazing times!) We’ll keep the website updated with information about the proposal process, ways to help, where we’re at, and whatever comes next.

Much Love,
The Derailer Bicycle Collective

Proposal Voicemail: 720.722.4114

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