Denver B-cycle 2010 performance data

According to the recent Denver B-cycle newsletter here is how they performed in their inaugural year

(April 22 - December 5)

Health benefits included:

- 6,333,332 calories burned

- 1,810 lbs. lost

According to a survey of our members, 43.16% of Denver B-cycle trips replaced car trips, resulting in the following environmental and economic benefits:

- 312,121 lbs. of carbon emissions avoided

- 9,613 lbs. of toxic air pollutants avoided

- 15,868 gallons of gasoline not used

- $41,256 est. saved on gasoline

- $311,126 est. saved on car parking

- Short-term Memberships (24-hour kiosk, 24-hour online,
7-day, 30-day) Purchased: 32,922

- Annual Memberships Purchased: 1,784

- B-cycle Rides: 102,981 rides

- Miles Ridden: 211,111*

*Average ride of 2.05 miles

"As the first large-scale citywide public bike sharing program in the country, we were breaking new ground and learning lessons from start to finish," said Parry Burnap, executive director of Denver Bike Sharing, the Colorado non-profit that owns and operates Denver B-cycle. "We are thrilled with the fact that we achieved almost 103,000 trips and even more excited about the environmental, economic, public health and community building benefits. This program is a testimony to the fact that Denver is an innovative community that works well across sectors. We could not have done it without City leadership, our funders, sponsors, volunteers and last but not least, our riders!"

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