Denver approves new bike ordinances

BikeDenver recently reported on the recent acceptance of bike ordinances by the Denver city council. The new ordinances below took effect Nov 27.

According to BikeDenver below are the key changes

Three Feet to Pass: Language was included to mirror State law requiring that drivers of vehicles provide at least a three-foot separation between the right side of the driver’s vehicle, including all mirrors and projections, and the left side of the bicycle at all times.

Right to Ride on Roadways: Language requiring bicyclists to ride on adjacent pathways if available was eliminated from the City code. This makes it legal to ride a bike on any Denver roadway, including Speer Boulevard.

Riding to the Right & Bicyclist’s Judgment: Language was amended to allow bicyclists to use their best judgment on how near to the right side of the roadway they should ride. This will encourage bicyclists with differing levels of ability in variable road conditions to ride their bike in the manner that is most safe for the bicyclist.

Riding on Sidewalks for the Purpose of Parking: Denver law will now allow bicyclists to ride on the sidewalk not in excess of 6 miles per hour if they are within one block of the location where they plan to park their bike.

Lamps & Reflectors: Front and rear light requirements were amended to match state requirements. Front (white) lights must be visible to 500 feet. Rear (red) reflectors must be visible for 600 feet when illuminated by motor vehicle head lamps.

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