Deer Trail Feeback

One of Colorado largest races went off yesterday, Deer Trail, also one of the few remaining road races in Colorado which might explain it's continued high attendance despite its remote location. This year's course was somewhat new and as always out there, weather played a big factor which usually is testing riders ability to ride with wind.


How did you think the race went (your field, organization, weather, etc)?

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  • SM Cat 3 rider [snippet]

    The only solution to this problem is to out-organize the blocking teams or form a chasing breakaway. I have to give credit to BRC and a nod to Feedback for preventing either of these from happening. BRC in particular had a few very strong riders who would shut down any attempt to break away or organize.

    As we reached the final turn around, with only about 25 riders remaining in the peloton, we could see the break headed in the opposite direction with a lead of maybe 1-2 minutes. We realized this was insurmountable and the pace slowed for the remaining few miles to the finish.

  • [From Twitter] @jon_beasys Groove Subaru went Mapei on the P/1/2's Baker & Davies bridged 3' gap to break, & went 1,2,3 with Davies, Krause, Coyle
  • [From Twitter] @grantholicky wind, wind, wind was how it went down.
  • [From Twitter] @cnricker Windy as heck! Hard, hard day of racing, but a great event!
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