Bike Lights aren't just for the night

Have you noticed a lot more cyclists using their bike lights during the days recently? I have. Actually, I'm not sure if I even noticed this happening at all last year. A day doesn't go by where I don't notice a cyclist using their lights regardless of the time of day.... and it makes sense. These lights don't have to be super bright as you are not using them to see but be seen, a simple blink option light that can be picked up at a bike store for around $20 bucks can go a long ways in protecting you on the road.

All types of cyclists are using them
All types of cyclists are using them from what I've noticed, the Mad Max commuter, afternoon fitness rider, daily commuter and carbon/spandex racer.

It's cheap insurance
Much like a helmet, it's protection that probably will never be needed but if it is needed the savings of having it are immeasurable. Like a helmet, in my 20+ years of active cycling I only needed mine once but it really saved me so like wise I bet using lights might be the same way, rarely needed but lifesaver when noticed. You don't need any fancy lighting system, $20 should be plenty of light to be seen during the day.

Why some use daytime lights
While riding the Golden Gran Fondo I rode along side a cyclist using a light during the ride so I ask, why does he do it, his response was morbid. He said the pedals on his bike was from a dead guy, one of the cyclists killed in a car vs. bike incident in Fort Collins and ever since he got the pedals (from a friend of a friend) he now uses lights whenever he rides, period.

Why not?
Why not use your lights? Hopefully you own them anyway and only get used a few times during the year, maybe during a cruiser ride or those early fall evenings when it gets dark early but is still warm-ish. It's not like we will go broke buying batteries and if so than just buy one less coffee a week.

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Daytime running lights

Bicyclists who also have knowledge/training of motorcycle riding are simply applying what they learned in various motorcycle training - use your vehicle lights both day and night, to increase visibility and reduce the chance of a crash with a vehicle with 4 wheels.

Most motorists are looking for similar size vehicles on our roads, so for many drivers it takes an extra fraction of a second to acknowledge a small, two-wheeled vehicle.

Lights during the day create extra visibility; I like the high-intensity flashing mode on a headlight during the day and a SuperFlash tailight as well (Planet Bike).

And visibility is the number one priority for safety when sharing the road with motorized vehicles!

Thanks for this article, Kris. Hope it generates conversation and more people riding with lights day and night.

It works

I often turn on my rear flasher when riding on "high speed" roads or when I know I'll be crossing multiple lanes of traffic to make a left turn. Once it starts getting dark, I put it in "combo" mode, so there's always one part lit up. That helps overtaking vehicles judge distance better.

I started turning on my Blackburn Flea front light in flashing mode whenever I rode through a congested local business district. Result: people stopped turning in front of me. That led me to start using it on high-speed canyon descents, too. I don't consider this light much use for actual night riding, but it's a great visibility aid when conditions warrant during the day, or when a ride runs later than I'd planned. It weighs nothing, so I've put one on every bike I own.

Daytime Bike Lights

I started using high intensity flashing front and rear light after driving a bit around Golden and seeing the difference in visibility of bikes with and without lights in the daytime. Those Team Sky coolio black vader kits are not very noticeable in the shadows of the daytime. It may seem dorky, but I also wear a visibility vest over my team jersey. Drivers are highly distracted, so anything that helps them see you seems very wise

A bit dorky? Duder, don't

A bit dorky? Duder, don't kid yourself, if you're wearing a reflective vest over your jersey you are the epitome of dorky. You'd be just as well served by a white or reasonably bright colored jersey AND by riding a few feet into the lane rather than hugging the gutter. At least then, not only will drivers see you, young kids won't laugh at you.

I see no point in making fun the reflective vest.

I've worn the bright yellow vest with reflective strips before, and have no shame. I only laugh at the scoffs from guys decked out in matching cycling spandex as if they are more macho. I'm not ashamed of being a living dork.

Last I checked when a car runs into a bike, the bike loses all the time.

Vests are okay, but best visibility is with a front and rear flashing light, period. If you don't use these, you're taking an unnecessary risk.

Moron Man

Visibility vest. Not reflective. I remember why I don't comment here. Ignorant dou*che remarks. You've assumed things that are based on stereotypes. I've been been a Pro-1-2 for years and have been hit by vehicles on numerous occassions. I will take my chances with violating style points and live to ride another day. Geez