Day Dreaming of great rides

Hello, my name is Kris and I'm not a mountain biker. Yes, I do short track and hold a few state mountain bike titles (not in this state) but I don't go on long mountain bike epic rides, you know the kind you sit at the office sometimes on a warm sunny June day and dream about. Riding up over the divide, stopping only to say hi to Julie Andrews and Fixie Dave. Don't get me wrong, I love mountain biking but competition in Colorado is hard for someone weighing more than a feather and epic rides take time that this father/CTO/(add more excuses here) has time for. So when I come across sites like Goat in a Turtle Shell, Redstone Underground, Sonya LooneyJeff Kerkove and Fixe Dave and many more I, quoting Johnny Cash, "I hang my head and cry".

Photo from Goat in a Turtle Shell

It's mid summer now and I haven't done a single epic ride, road, CX, or MTB, where has this summer gone! So today as you sit in your 8x10 walled "office" working on something way more interesting than epic rides, you might want to take the time to surf around a little, dream, plan... and maybe cry.

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