Davanti Coaching clinic and grand opening

After the great racing last Saturday I feel empty in the raceless upcoming Saturday, like a bored teen at a mall. For the cycling junkies Davanti Coaching will hold a clinic this Saturday on climbing (something no one does in Colorado -;) ). I don't know much about Davanti or their coaches but I can say that unless you are a exercise geek AND very disciplined having a coach can REALLY improve your cycling! I have been racing for 18 years and a few years ago I got a coach and she really took me to the next level. So if you are interested in what a coach can do for you or more about Davanti Coaching stop by their Grand opening this Thursday at their new location on 2020 Pearl St. Suite B.

Details on the clinic

Details on the open house

This is not a paid advertisement... but I wish it were.

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