Are commuters aware of their self-inflicted dangers of cycling

I read today on the Bike Portland site about the death of a cyclist in a car vs. truck accident. Apparently the cyclist "missed" a stop light while biking with no light, head phones, dark clothing and no helmet. Was he aware of the dangers of such behavior? While tragic fatal accidents like this aren't common, the person described sadly is. The Daily Camera reported recently on how CU is trying to Urge Cyclist to slow down on Broadway Bike Path due to the safety of all.

Image from Daily Camera
What can be done to help educate fellow cyclist (racers, commuters and "Joe the Cyclist") to be safer?

Tips you can do to prevent accidents

  • Lights You don't need 100's of lumens, a simple $20 light does a lot in helping you be seen
  • Open ears No headphones, your ears can act as your third eye
  • Honor the Stop Why not? Would you run a stop sign in your car? Then why run it on a bike, the difference is?
  • Wear a helmet No its not the law and I don't advocate it being the law but it is your head, aka, primary organ, so protect it.

I encourage feedback on this one.

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Agreed, a good light makes a

Agreed, a good light makes a huge difference but you could set yourself on fire and some knucklehead still is going to say "I didn't see you".
As for the headphones, I got cross checked by a woman running a red light and one of the first questions my attorney asked me was if I was wearing headphones. Apparently it can be used as a defense that you somehow invited the accident.

Are they aware?

I think Kris is wondering if they are aware of the added risk they expose themselves to by not being careful. Its sucks because when someone gets seriously injured it makes cycling appear to the paranoid (and that is a lot) to be dangerous. And also it is not good for our youth to be exposed to such reckless behavior.

How do you run a green

How do you run a green light? Is it the truck or the bike?

Imagine the frustration of cyclists reading about their friends getting hit and killed while simply riding their bike legally and appropriately.

What I descibed happens far more often than what you described.