Dale Stetina Update

As many of you know, iconic rider, Dale Stetina, was in a terrible accident a while back and since than has been moved to Craig Hospital where he is going through rehab. If you want to stay up-to-date on Dale's recovery then visit The Caring Bridge website

Here is a snippet from September 29th...

Hello all,

Mom and I have been getting to know life here at Craig and the wonderful staff that will help him get back home. We were so lucky to have Claire here too for the last week. Pete competed in the World Championships and was one of 2 Americans to finish this morning in very tough conditions, so we are all proud of him as we watch here in the hospital room.

For TBI patients, there are different levels of cognitive functioning called the "Rancho Levels." Dale is a level 4, "confused and agitated." This is normal for all patients to work through and we are told he will pass through, just at his own rate. He has moments of being more lucid where he is really making connections and showing his very high intelligence, and impressing us all with asking questions about his treatments and progress and cognitive limitations. In therapy this week he was asked to draw a circle, and instead wrote the word "circle" and read several words! He also has been pedaling a little in PT. He loves that, and when we wheel him outside to get some fresh air. We are constantly listening to his lectures on his two loves - training and trading! At times he has a great sense of humor and even makes fun of himself. He certainly is in there, but he is very motor restless and has poor balance. Craig is full of an encouraging and optimistic staff about Dad's recovery, and we are very thankful for that!

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