Update on Dale Stetina's Recovery

From a source close to Dale


Most certainly you've heard the news of Dale's horrific bike accident, and hopefully have been in the loop for progress updates. I had the chance to visit him this morning after being away in Italy for 2 weeks on the trip that we had intended to take together with other cycling friends.

What encouraging improvement! When we left Dale was still dramatically impacted. His responses at that time were limited to squeezing a finger of the nurse or opening an eye. This morning we conversed on a variety of topics, he pulled on some pants, he worked with the neurologist, and he showed a remarkable level of improvement. I was elated!

His brother Wayne wrote this in a recent email:

"It's looking more & more like a good mental cognitive recovery is possible, but he still has zero balance to stand up. It will be a long rehab to find out if he will ever be able to walk or ride an upright bike again. Thanks again for all your support & positive energy."

Support & positive energy. That's the key thing we all must bring forward now. Dale is a fighter and he'll bring everything he has to his own recovery, but we all need to be there with him. And with his family. This is going to be a pitched battle over an extended period of time.

And it will be costly. Thankfully, Anne and Dale have insurance, but it won't cover all the expenses with rehab and disability. A fund has been set up to help defray these costs. If you can help in any amount, this is the link.


There are two update sites for Dale's medical and rehabilitation status, both are updated with the latest "official" statements from the family on his condition.



The community of cycling has been amazingly supportive of Dale and his family, and with good reason. Dale is not only an icon of US Cycling, he has been a generous supporter of so many as they developed their own cycling careers. We need him back in the saddle!

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