Pro cyclist receives a 1am apology phone call from Boulder Police

From the Daily Camera. There is more to this to keep reading at the daily camera

Two professional Boulder cyclists were ticketed for riding more than two-abreast before the Boulder officer called them early the next morning and admitted she had misinterpreted the law.

Nicole Duke and her boyfriend Ben Berden -- both professional cyclists -- were riding along Iris Avenue on Tuesday at around 4 p.m. She said she was riding in front with Berden just behind and to the side of her, and that both were riding in the bike lane. But as they were turning on Folsom Street, a Boulder police squad car pulled them over.

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Pros yeah right

Ha ha. So they took a photo of the known doper in front of the police car but did not record the interaction with the officer? Sounds like these 2 "pros" are trying to get some media attention. I don't want these 2 representing Boulder cyclists - what an embarrassment!