Cyclists shot by bb gun from car

Another incident of cyclist being hit by a bb gun. This came to us in our email this morning! Two months ago we were reporting on Cyclist shot by a paint gun

"Just wanted to see if others have experienced the following. Riding your road bike in the boulder area and getting shot from a car window with a bb gun? This happened to my wife last night 9.25.11 while north on hwy 36 between the Broadway and Neva road heading south. This also happened to someone I know heading up flagstaff. They were shot in the neck and ended up bleeding very badly. My wife got it in the butt and broke the skin and gave quite a shock. Just wanted to see if its happening to others. Crazy I tell you.

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Put me in the + column

I was shot once, many years ago, over by Ruby Hill in Denver. Tried to catch the guy, couldn't. I flagged down a cop a few minutes later, told him what happened and gave him a description of the vehicle. He asked if I was going to the hospital, I said no. He said if it wasn't bad enough for a trip to the ER, he wasn't going to spend his time looking for them, as he had better things to do. I tried to argue my point, he just drove off.

3 part solution

I have a CCP, and don’t think I could shoot someone that shot me with a BB gun; however I'm not saying that a lot of people wouldn’t. I don’t think a loaded gun and bikes go together, how would you explain to your children that you shot yourself because you crashed, and had a loaded gun?
I think everyone should get there CCP before the government takes that right away from you. Everyone has a right to carry that license regardless if you plan on carrying a gun or not.

Interesting Post. I was shot

Interesting Post. I was shot at by a guy with a BB gun while riding Lookout in Golden a few months ago. He missed and I wasn't sure what happened right away. It wasn't until a police officer caught up with me and asked if I had seen anything suspicious. When she asked that, I knew exactly what happened, it turned out a few other people behind me were shot at and hit.