Bicyclist killed in hit-and-run crash near Windsor

From the Coloradoan

A 46-year-old male bicyclist died Saturday from injuries sustained in a hit-and-run crash near Windsor, according to the Colorado State Patrol.

State troopers responded to a report of a crash involving a vehicle and a bicyclist on the frontage road off Interstate 25 near Colorado Highway 392 around 5:30 p.m. Saturday, according to CSP Trooper Josh Lewis.

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Another sad day for Colorado.

Another sad day for Colorado.
i think it is time for cyclists to push our representatives for harsher penalties for driving infractions. We need to get justice for those killed on our roads, and get these irresponsible drivers off the road, for the safety of cyclists, and our fellow drivers. We have mandatory minimums for drug possession, why not for motor vehicle crimes? Loose your license forever, goto jail for a minimum of 10 years, penalties like these will get irresponsible drivers off the roads, and show the public that driving is not a right, but a privilege, and if abused, or used irresponsibly, will be take away,

This could easily be you or I.

Copying the awful mandatory

Copying the awful mandatory drug sentencing methods of our country is the worst idea possible. I think a loss of license for anyone who causes a death in their vehicle is in order though. Destroying ANOTHER life isn't solving anything. I'd say there should be more license re-testing through out a life, but DMV is such a mess already who knows what would happen.

"Destroying ANOTHER life isn

"Destroying ANOTHER life isn't solving anything."

I do not understand this comment. You say that laws are currently destroying another life in hit/runs? Whose? Currently, there is no punishment and the cyclists is the one that is blamed. So, whose is the second life that is currently being destroyed. Not the driver.

KG, you are wrong!

KG, you are completely wrong! It is about time that people are held responsible for their actions! A man is dead because of this driver! Until drivers are actually penalized, there will never be incentive for behaviors to change.

are you sure there was no

are you sure there was no culpability on the part of the cyclist? The cyclist may be dead, partly by his own actions. Perhaps you've seen the full details of the incident, I haven't. All I know is he was hit by a car while riding after sunset, and subsequently died. This does not excuse the behavior of the driver who did not stop, but not withstanding that, it certainly doesn't seem that, based on what we know, we should be calling for his/her head. Not yet.

First, you MAY have noticed

First, you MAY have noticed that I wasn't excusing the driver's behavior. Second, I'm not so sure I buy your assertion that because the driver ran, they assume full responsibility under the law. I'm sure we'll have someone follow up with a citation, if that is in fact the case. Third, there is a very strong likelihood that if this had not been a hit-and-run and it went to court, the judge would be very interested in evidence regarding whether the cyclist was using lights at that time of day.

In our minds, not having lights doesn't make it okay to run over us, BUT in the eyes of the law the shared responsibility of the cyclist if they weren't following the law would have a big impact on the outcome of any potential civil case.`

can you share a citation to

can you share a citation to support your statement? FTR, I've seen the messages regarding penalties associated with hit and run. Being guilty of running after an accident is not the same thing as being responsible for the accident. My early point dealt with the issue of shared responsibility. Yeah, we expect that drivers shouldn't run over us, but to that end we have responsibilities to behave appropriately as well. Such, using lights after sunset.

Criminal law is one thing, civil law is another. If the family of the deceased cyclist were to try to sue the driver in civil court, I wouldn't put it past the driver to countersue for mental anguish resulting from his having to cope with the death of the cyclist, which may well have been avoided if the cyclist had just used lights like the law requires.

Shared responsibility plays a big role in civil suits.

1) I don't blame you for

1) I don't blame you for wanting to change the "definition" mid-game. If he is guilty of running after the accident then he assumes full responsibility.

2) You need to stop blaming the cyclists and making the driver of the hit-n-run out to be the victim. This is the real issue here. People like yourself are so quick to blame the cyclist. That's fine and sadly over-whelming in the DC forum, but should not go unchallenged here.