Cyclist injured in flashing crosswalk but failed to activate it

From the Daily Camera

A bicyclist was seriously injured this morning after he failed to activate a signal at a lighted crosswalk near 28th and Spruce streets and was hit by a car, Boulder police said.

At around 9:34 a.m., Alfred Christiansen III, 23, was biking north on the west sidewalk of 28th Street when he turned east on a lighted crosswalk near Spruce Street, according to Boulder police spokeswoman Kim Kobel.

Kobel said Christansen did not activate the crossing signal.

From the Police Blotter:

Blotter - Nov. 5, 2012
Police responded to a stabbing in the 4800 block of Baldwin Place. The victim was an elderly woman, and her son was arrested in connection with the incident. He faces charges that include Attempted First Degree Murder. 12-15274

A bicyclist was hit by a car in the area of 28th and Spruce. The driver of the vehicle was ticketed for Careless Driving Causing Injury, and the bicyclist was taken to the hospital for treatment of broken bones. The bicyclist told police he did not activate the flashing crosswalk lights when he crossed the intersection. 12-15235

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