Deadly Intersection in Boulder Critically Injures Cyclist

According to the Daily Camera and Facebook, Terence 'T.J.' Doherty was critically injured as he was riding his bike on hwy 36 (28th street) and was struck by a car traveling west on 36 and turned left onto Violet. Sadly, from what is being posted on Facebook, the cyclist has passed away.

From the DailyCamera

Trooper Nate Reid said the cyclist was riding about 5 p.m. Sunday on Violet Avenue north of Boulder when a Volvo station wagon headed west on U.S. 36 turned left onto Violet and hit him. The driver of the Volvo, Kirk Condon, 59, didn't see him, Reid said.

Condon was ticketed on suspicion of careless driving. Reid said the charges may be amended if the victim dies

This very same intersection took the life of another cyclist in September 2009. Maybe it's time to take a study of safety at this intersection.

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