Cyclist hit on Deer Creek Canyon this morning

From a friend on Facebook... a developing story!

"Today's ride was anything but fun. Around 9:00AM our morning group ride was heading up S. Deer Creek Canyon Rd when a motorist pulled up behind us and began to honk his horn incessantly. Then he sped up and rammed into one the cyclists smashing his bicycle and dragging him under the car. The man got out of his car, started swearing to no one in particular and then took the bicycle and threw it off the road. Notice the man's face as he doesn't have a care in the world. Not once did he apologize or seem to show any remorse."

Updates below

  • Rider was Bryon Nix USAC results & ACA results 2011 Colorado Masters Road Champion (and a whole lot more)
  • Driver did stay on the scene and the state patrol showed up.
  • Riders condition is not serious BUT more tests are to be done
  • Denver Post has picked up the story.
  • The Driver is apparently the grandson of a former USA President
  • This will be on 9News tonight, here is their version
  • Denver 7 News picked this up as well

Byron Nix on the ground after the incident

Statement from

"This accident had the potential to be very, very bad -even life threatening, the way Byron's bike was sucked up into the front wheel of the truck -we are so grateful it wasn't worse than it was. We are also very grateful to the first responders for their prompt action in getting him to the ER, and to the Colorado State Patrol for responding to the scene and investigating and appropriately citing the driver. I'd also like to commend the cyclists on scene for their self restraint. I'm sure it wasn't easy to remain calm and collected with the driver standing there, but Byron's teammates did the right thing by taking photographs of everything and by remaining calm. Inciting an altercation would not have helped Byron or his case and would only have served to further increase tensions among residents/motorists in Deer Creek Canyon and cyclists who ride there."

Tips for Cyclists

- What to do if you are in an Accident
- Colorado Bike Accident Cards
- Insurance struggles if you are in an accident

News Item: 


public roadways

Public Roadways are for people. Monies for Public Roadways significantly come from income and property taxes. Yes it is true that the metrics of the roadway are engineered to accommodate motorized vehicles, which happen to default from rail, which defaulted from carriages, which happen to be standardized from the width of two horses.

Who cares if the driver lost

Who cares if the driver lost his home in a fire, it does not justify hitting cyclists! If my dog dies does this make me exempt from following speed limits? We are all Americans who live in a country where you are held accountable for your actions and have been provided the education to have a moral compass to determine what is right or wrong. Hitting a cyclist on a road is no different then hitting a pedestrian in a cross walk or punching a puppy we all know it is wrong. Slow down world and realize that life is to short to be in that much of a hurry.

Hoover has History of Anti-Cyclist Views

Andy Hoover testified before the Jefferson County Board of County Commissioners in 2009 and 2010 to oppose the Deer Creek Challenge. In 2010 he testified that he "admantly opposes this nonsense," and he lashed out at the event organizers (and presumbly all cyclists) by describing the "arrogance ... of the people who bring this problem to us." Of interest was his disdain for the Grange school and its accommodation of cyclists by providing coolers of drinks. Mr. Hooever calls the Grange school a "huge attractive nuisance." This testimony is available online on the Jefferson County website.

Call *CSP

This is why it is important to report every driver that does anything to the CSP and get it in a database. When they inevitably escalate to attempted murder, there is that much more evidence to put in front of the jury to get them put in jail like they should be. That said, (keep in mind I ride more miles a week than I drive) fully half the cyclists I see on a 3-hour ride around Boulder County are running stop signs (no slowing of ANY kind), rolling red lights because it is a T intersection, and hanging their left drop over the white line while on a 10mph spin with their girlfriend (which is apparently okay if you are in full team kit?) up 36 when there is 8ft of shoulder. We are *ALL* living in a civilization where I thought we were living by the Golden Rule.