Cyclist hit on Deer Creek Canyon this morning

From a friend on Facebook... a developing story!

"Today's ride was anything but fun. Around 9:00AM our morning group ride was heading up S. Deer Creek Canyon Rd when a motorist pulled up behind us and began to honk his horn incessantly. Then he sped up and rammed into one the cyclists smashing his bicycle and dragging him under the car. The man got out of his car, started swearing to no one in particular and then took the bicycle and threw it off the road. Notice the man's face as he doesn't have a care in the world. Not once did he apologize or seem to show any remorse."

Updates below

  • Rider was Bryon Nix USAC results & ACA results 2011 Colorado Masters Road Champion (and a whole lot more)
  • Driver did stay on the scene and the state patrol showed up.
  • Riders condition is not serious BUT more tests are to be done
  • Denver Post has picked up the story.
  • The Driver is apparently the grandson of a former USA President
  • This will be on 9News tonight, here is their version
  • Denver 7 News picked this up as well

Byron Nix on the ground after the incident

Statement from

"This accident had the potential to be very, very bad -even life threatening, the way Byron's bike was sucked up into the front wheel of the truck -we are so grateful it wasn't worse than it was. We are also very grateful to the first responders for their prompt action in getting him to the ER, and to the Colorado State Patrol for responding to the scene and investigating and appropriately citing the driver. I'd also like to commend the cyclists on scene for their self restraint. I'm sure it wasn't easy to remain calm and collected with the driver standing there, but Byron's teammates did the right thing by taking photographs of everything and by remaining calm. Inciting an altercation would not have helped Byron or his case and would only have served to further increase tensions among residents/motorists in Deer Creek Canyon and cyclists who ride there."

Tips for Cyclists

- What to do if you are in an Accident
- Colorado Bike Accident Cards
- Insurance struggles if you are in an accident

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re: consequences...

There are many consequences to this driver's actions. Ticket; fine; points against driver's license; his insurance company will pay Mr. Nix's hospital bills, bike reimbursement AND pain and suffering, etc (and that means that this driver's insurance rates are going to soar for a few years, or the company may refuse to insure him); Mr. Nix can also choose to civilly sue the driver, especially if the driver was "aggressive" and not merely "careless" in this incident. Hats off to fellow cyclists for letting law enforcement handle this old man. He will pay for a long time!

Gun Totin

If this was intentional and as described I'd guess (and I could be wrong) tough guy driver was carrying a concealed weapon. He looks like he thinks he is still holding all the cards.

Why is he still standing

OMG I can tell you had I been in that ride< that driver would not even be standing, NO one< I mean no one, does that to a fellow rider and would get away with it in my book LAW or not. I hope NOX sues his ass of and owns everything that bleep bleep bleep ( my typing) owns. I agree that team did the right thing but there has to be some type of enforcer to have take him out- one stretcher and a body bag for the driver. This is crap. Take note of his plates and do what we what can to ruin this guy.

Absolutely Ridiculous

It is riders like you ... who are probably not following the single rider law in the first place that get us hit in the first place!!! You want to harm the man what is that??? by the looks of it both driver and rider were at fault. Truck was was over and Nox was not single file. I pray Nox has a quick recover ... as for you .. You are ignorant!

"You cyclists aren't

"You cyclists aren't following the law!"

Yeah, how many cars speed and roll through stop signs?

Oh, but THAT'S different! Hot-headed vigilantes can't ram DRIVERS who disobey the law! They can only ram cyclists with impunity! So they should be allowed to do that!

Geez, and that's ASSUMING not riding single file is even illegal, and also ASSUMING that's what the cyclists were doing.

And you call others "ignorant"?

Calling your post brainless would be an insult to an anencephalic rhesus monkey.

I both "Laude" and "Praise" the guys.

I am glad the guys didn't do anything to to old guy. I think it is the right way to handle it.
After being nudged by a car out there I saw red but was unable to catch the prick.
I can't say I would have reacted with as much class and dignity as Byron and those guys.
The motorists at Deer Creek Canyon are a problem. This incident is not big surprise.

As someone who lives off Deer

As someone who lives off Deer Creek Cyn, I'm sorry a bicyclist was hit by a car. BUT over the yrs I have witnessed a difference in the attitude of the riders. More and more of them are not riding single file, nor are they riding off to the side of the road. I constantly encounter 2 to 4 abreast, riding down the middle of the road...putting all of us in danger of being in an accident. The signs say "Share the Road", so please remember this when you are on it and ride single file.

I agree that riders need to

I agree that riders need to be considerate, but by riding 2 abreast does not warrant getting rammed by a car intentionally. What the heck is wrong with people. How can people get so worked up about cyclists on the road that they want to do harm to them. Sad. Since moving to Colorado I have had more incidents with motorists than when I lived in Philly/NYC...


You are right, that does not warrant ramming into somehow. However, somewhere, somehow, we need to de-escalate these conflicts. That means riding with greater consideration and awareness. Is it fair that we need to be extra careful or cautious? No, ain't fair but fanning the fire by demanding to claim our space on the road is not the answer either.

Dirk Friel did the right thing a few weeks ago and so did the teammates in this situation. Every time we're out there on the road, we have a chance to be a good example or something else. The motorist you piss off may take their anger out on someone else. The fact is there are whacked out people -- railing against them won't do squat. We need to continue to take the high road and lead by example.