Cyclist hit on Deer Creek Canyon this morning

From a friend on Facebook... a developing story!

"Today's ride was anything but fun. Around 9:00AM our morning group ride was heading up S. Deer Creek Canyon Rd when a motorist pulled up behind us and began to honk his horn incessantly. Then he sped up and rammed into one the cyclists smashing his bicycle and dragging him under the car. The man got out of his car, started swearing to no one in particular and then took the bicycle and threw it off the road. Notice the man's face as he doesn't have a care in the world. Not once did he apologize or seem to show any remorse."

Updates below

  • Rider was Bryon Nix USAC results & ACA results 2011 Colorado Masters Road Champion (and a whole lot more)
  • Driver did stay on the scene and the state patrol showed up.
  • Riders condition is not serious BUT more tests are to be done
  • Denver Post has picked up the story.
  • The Driver is apparently the grandson of a former USA President
  • This will be on 9News tonight, here is their version
  • Denver 7 News picked this up as well

Byron Nix on the ground after the incident

Statement from

"This accident had the potential to be very, very bad -even life threatening, the way Byron's bike was sucked up into the front wheel of the truck -we are so grateful it wasn't worse than it was. We are also very grateful to the first responders for their prompt action in getting him to the ER, and to the Colorado State Patrol for responding to the scene and investigating and appropriately citing the driver. I'd also like to commend the cyclists on scene for their self restraint. I'm sure it wasn't easy to remain calm and collected with the driver standing there, but Byron's teammates did the right thing by taking photographs of everything and by remaining calm. Inciting an altercation would not have helped Byron or his case and would only have served to further increase tensions among residents/motorists in Deer Creek Canyon and cyclists who ride there."

Tips for Cyclists

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News Item: 


The self control of Byron's

The self control of Byron's teammates should be praised, not lauded. They reacted with extraordinary restraint in the most difficult of situations. By not boxing anyone's head in, the offender's lawyer won't have any ammunition to refute the plain and simple fact that the crime was willful and criminal in intent and nature, and the correct individual will go to prison.

Where he will hopefully take it up the ass every single night. Let due process punish this bastard, not off the cuff, irrational and purely emotional response.

GMS = First Class

The GMS squad was first class in their reaction to this incident. They did exactly what they should have done.

The people calling for a violent, punitive action should be ashamed.

I'm glad to hear BN's injuries aren't serious.

I hope justice is served in this case. There's been too many cycle/vehicle incidents and it really needs to stop.


As a sponsor, teammate, and fellow cyclist, I want to give my sincere "Thank You" to my Groove Subaru-Alpha Bicycle Co. teammates and all the other the other riders that not only got Byron the help he needed but also maintained composure in an obviously high stress situation. It says a lot about your character to take the high road!